Why You Need A Termite Inspection Every Year In Phoenix, AZ

As a property owner, you are invested in the proper maintenance of your home or commercial building. One way to protect your building is by getting a termite inspection every year. Even if you don’t see signs of a termite infestation, it’s smart to get your property checked out just in case. Why wait until you have noticeable damage to your structures before calling in a termite extermination professional?

What Does A Termite Inspector Look For?

When you hire a licensed termite professional, it’s their job to search for clues leading to a termite colony. Termites are great at being stealthy when it comes to setting up their nests inside your home. Termite exterminators are trained to spot entry points in your wood structures that could mean trouble. If you live in an area with subterranean termites, the termite inspector will look for signs around your home like cracked cement where the termites can enter under the foundation.

What Can A Termite Inspection Tell Me About My Property?

Your termite inspector will tell you if they’ve noticed any early signs of termites, such as eggs or larvae. They can show you any damage in or around your building on your floors, walls and ceilings. Termites are good at hiding in between windows, near the foundation and even in hollow doors. You may not even realize the insects swarming your windows and in the garden are actually winged termites. A termite inspection can also uncover conditions in your home’s structure that could be the perfect environment for termites. These pests love rotted wood and moist environments, so a termite inspection could help you keep termites from infesting your home.

Don’t wait until termites damage your home. These insects can cause problems quickly without you even realizing it. Put a termite inspection at the top of your list to maintain your home’s structural integrity and to save yourself money in the long run.

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