What You Can Expect from a Termite Inspection

Spring is just around the corner. While that means sunshine, nicer weather, and more time outside for people in the Phoenix area, the change in season also is a time when termites become more active. Homeowners need to continue to remain vigilant to ensure that their home doesn’t become overrun with these pests. If a problem does arise, it’s important to hire a professional exterminator and pest control company to handle the issue.

Here’s what you can expect from a termite inspection.

1. The initial inspection.

After you contact a reputable termite exterminator, an appointment will be set for a professional to come out to assess the problem. During this phase of the process, you’ll simply point out the signs of the infestation and the inspector will go to work. He or she will assess several potentially troublesome areas of the home to determine the extent and severity of the infestation.

2. Developing a plan.

Once the exterminator has a better understanding of your termite inspection, a plan can then be developed to specifically target the issue. Generally, termite removal is a multi-phase project that includes clearing the impacted area for easier access, removing the actual insects, repairing any damaged areas, and sealing off entry and exit points to ensure more termites don’t return.

3. Executing the plan.

Depending on your schedule, the availability of the exterminator, and the severity of the situation, a date will be scheduled for the removal of the termites. If the job can be handled easily enough, the inspector might decide to complete the job then and there. Homeowners will be asked to follow certain protocols to ensure that the strategies used against the termites are as effective as possible.

4. Keeping termites away.

An extermination job is only as effective as the follow-up efforts to keep termites out. After all, there’s a reason that they showed up in the first place. Whether you have loose pieces of wood surrounding your property, moist areas leading up to your home’s foundation, or other factors that invite termites, you have to be diligent about changing these or termites might continue returning.

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