What Does Termite Damage Look Like in Arizona?

The Phoenix area is home to a dry climate that rarely gets very cold. The dry wood termites that are commonly found in Arizona have adapted to this environment. They do not need a lot of water, can live only in wood and do not build the mud tubes that is often used to identify termite infestations in other parts of the country. However, there are still tell-tale signs of termite infestations that can be spotted without special training.

Termite Pellets

Termite pellets are dry fecal matter that the termite produces. These small, hard pellets are found on surfaces below exposed wood. For example, pellets may be found on porch chairs and floors, concrete footers or kitchen counter tops. Only dry wood termites leave hard pellets. Other termites also leave droppings, but those droppings are soft and damp.

Tunneled Wood

Termites eat into wood and live on the digested cellulose of the wood. Many times, people believe that wood is rotted when it has been damaged by termites. However, wood rot is not overly common in the Phoenix area due to the dry climate. Wood that shows holes on the exterior or tunneled areas may well be termite damaged. Heavily damaged wood will be weak and may crumble or break easily under relatively little pressure.

Wing Piles

Many bugs have wings. However, swarms of termites often leave piles of small wings in various locations. These wings are generally lost after the termites have mated. Wing piles are an indication of an active and reproducing termite colony. Termites are attracted to light and their wings can often be seen near areas of light.

Mud Tubes

Though not all termites make mud tubes, they are usually a sign of termite problems. Mud tubes connect the ground with a home or other source of wood. Termites that make mud tubes live in the ground and use the tubes to travel back and forth from their home to their wooden food source.

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