Is Your Phoenix Home Protected From Termites?

What most homeowners and residents of the Phoenix, Arizona area fail to realize, is that the surrounding deserts are absolutely filled with termites, especially during peak season from March to November. During peak termite season, or even during the winter months, termites can do significant damage to any wood structure or home.

What Experts Recommend Doing to Protect Your Home

Most urban pest control experts recommend that homeowners walk around their home at least monthly. What you should look for are termite tubes against the walls of your home that are rising up from the ground. This is generally how the insects make their first move towards infesting a home. These termite tubes will look very similar to small strands of tightly packed dirt when in reality they are passageways for termites to move through as they make their way from the soil into the wood of a building structure. If you look closely at these tubes you can see termites transporting wood from your home back to their colony under the dirt.

Don’t Underestimate How Destructive a Single Colony Can Be

Many homeowners make the tragic mistake of identifying a termite colony within their house, yet do nothing about it. The reason people often ignore termites is that they simply do not understand just how destructive a single termite colony can be. What everyone should know is that a single termite colony left unchecked can badly damage a wood siding, destroy the integrity of whole walls, or even go so far as to damage most of the structural integrity of an entire residential home. Termites in Phoenix should never be underestimated under any circumstances.

How Often Should I Have an Expert Inspect My Home?

The common consensus amongst pest control experts within the Phoenix area is that all homes, even ones with treated timber, should be inspected for termites every 5 years at least. What is great about getting a home inspected by an expert is that they can notice the smallest and most subtle signs that termites are present within your home, or are on the verge of infecting it. These experts can also explore the surrounding area around a home in order to identify termite colonies that have the potential to eventually make their way into your home. Our Pest control experts can also advise you on treatment plans that can ensure that your home will never become a meal for these destructive insects.

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