3 Ways to Keep Termites Out of Your Home in Phoenix

Homeowners in Phoenix rightfully worry about a number of pests overtaking their homes. Their minds go to pests like rodents and cockroaches, but by far the most destructive pests in Arizona are termites. Homes in Phoenix and throughout Arizona are predominately made out of wood and stucco. These structures provide an open door for termites to enter and make your home theirs. Below are a few tips to make sure that that doesn’t happen.

1. Fix Plumbing Leaks

Most people don’t realize this, but termites are more attracted to wood that contains a lot of moisture. The reason? Wood that is saturated with water is actually easier for termites to chew through. Termites in Phoenix¬† like to chew through wood beams in your home that have a good amount of wetness in them. It stands to reason that the more unresolved¬† plumbing leaks that you have in your home, the higher the chances that termites become a problem for you and your family.

If leaks go unresolved, then your home’s structure itself may prove unstable and you could risk your own health and the health of your family. Simply having leaks in your home can make your home more appetizing for termites.

2. Remove Yard Waste

Cellulose and wood piles around your home can be an invitation for termites. That’s especially the case when wood piles aren’t placed under eaves and are allowed to get saturated by rainwater. Remember that termites find saturated wood much easier to chew through, so removing that kind of wood is a really important step that you can take to reduce the chances that termites ultimately find their way into your home.

3. Schedule a Termite Inspection

Scheduling a termite inspection is critical for alerting you to any vulnerabilities in and around your home. Action Termite and Pest Control has been helping homeowners detect vulnerabilities in and around their homes since 1969. Action Termite and Pest Control offers a full range of treatments, including: full drill treatment, perimeter treatment, soil plus problem area, and bait station system.

Each treatment is specifically designed to address the precise nature of the termite infestation that you’re dealing with. A perimeter treatment, for instance, is the most appropriate course of action an infestation that’s surrounded your home in the sense that a perimeter treatment involves drilling attached slabs and trenching the soil around your home’s foundation. Call on Action Termite and Pest Control today.

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