Termites in Furniture: Detection and Treatment

Arizona's Experts Since 1969

Termites in Furniture: Detection and Treatment

Arizona's Experts Since 1969

In Arizona, one of the most common household pests is the Drywood termite. This species of termite builds colonies inside your home, feeding on wood that contains little to no moisture. This may include the timber in your walls and roof, as well as the furniture inside your home. In fact, Drywood termites can survive in your wooden furniture for months or even years, wreaking havoc on your prized antiques. Below is some useful advice on how to detect the presence of Drywood termites in furniture in your home.

Signs Of Termite Damage

Because Drywood Termites don’t live underground and build mud tubes to access your home, it can be a little bit difficult to spot an infestation. The most identifiable sign of a Drywood termite problem are piles of wood-colored fecal pellets under or around furniture. These pellets are called “frass,” and they have the appearance of sawdust. Other tell-tale signs of termites in furniture are cracks or chips in the finish, a hollow sound when tapped with a hard object or crumbling wood. If you spot any of these issues on your household furnishings, it may be time to call in a termite control specialist.

Treatment Options

The most common method of treating furniture infested with Drywood termites is to inject a termiticide directly into the wood and allow it to penetrate deep into the infested pieces. This type of treatment is generally effective in killing all active termites in your furniture. A professional will also treat the rest of your home with liquid termiticide and baiting systems in order to target the colonies themselves and prevent future termite infestations.

The experienced professionals at Action Termite Control specialize in the treatment and control of termites, and termites only. We have the expertise to identify a termite problem and provide the most effective treatment measures available. Call (877) 556-4131 today to learn more about how to inspect for the presence of termites in furniture or for professional treatment of a termite infestation in your home.


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