How Water From An Air Conditioning System Can Attract Termites in Phoenix

Many homeowners may not realize that the water in the drain pan and the water from the drain hose for an air conditioning system could attract termites. There is usually some moist soil that is near the end of the drain hose. Termites are attracted to moist soil and to water, such as the water that is in the drain pan for an air conditioning system.

Water Sources for Termites

When you are checking for water sources that could attract termites, you should also inspect the places where condensation could form on a metal or glass surface that has a lower temperature than the temperature of the air that is near the metal or glass surface. The condensation from the evaporator coils for an air conditioning unit will drip down into the drain pan. The water in the drain pan should flow into and then out of the drain hose, but the drain hose could be clogged with dirt.

Hidden Water Sources for Termites

If the water in the drain pan does not flow into the drain hose, then the volume of the water inside the drain pan will gradually increase with the additional water that is dripping from the evaporator coils. The stagnant water can cause unpleasant odors and will also cause an increase in the level of humidity for the air that is near the drain pan, which is a favorable condition for mold and mildew. The flooded drain pan will also cause other problems with more water that will continue to attract termites.

Control Water Sources that Attract Termites

Termites can enter your home through vents and through other openings that are in the air conditioning system. The condensation that usually forms on the colder surfaces for the air conditioning system is a water source for termites. You should control problems from water sources and also from food sources, such as from a stack of firewood that could cause termites to swarm near your home.

Regular Inspections to Control Problems from Termites

With more information about problems, a homeowner will be prepared to control problems, such as by regularly replacing the drain hose for the drain pan for an air conditioning system. You can also use regular inspections from the technicians for a pest control company to help you to identify problems from termites and would then also have a convenient source of professional information about termites in Phoenix.

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