Termites: Challenging to Detect Early

Have you ever wondered why detecting termite activity in your home as soon as possible matters so much? Although termites cause literally millions of dollars in real estate losses every year, these insects largely avoid direct contact with humans. People frequently notice the devastating effects of termite damage before they identify termite colonies.

Hidden From View

In fact, if you spot a single termite, the odds remains very good thousands more live nearby, out of view. Termites somewhat resemble ants in appearance. Although they can bite, they prefer to avoid interactions with human beings and pets. These insects reside in teeming colonies. Some species of termites reside underground, while others prefer to build nests inside decaying stumps (or other wooden structures) on the surface. People rarely see termites because the members of the colony chew through the interior of wood to create passages and channels. Sometimes termite colonies will actually build tubed passages from mud and feces along the exteriors of building foundations or basement walls.

A Lot of Damage

Yet even though termites rarely come into view, the signs of their activity will eventually attract attention in Arizona. Unfortunately, termite colonies cannot distinguish between rotting trees on a forest floor and the timber and framing boards used in residential construction. The insects have become a recognized threat to real estate. When they chew through man-made structures, termites gradually weaken the interior of wooden components. Their activity causes stairs and decks to become unstable and floors to sag and slope. People sometimes sustain injuries when they fall through termite-damaged wood.

Catch Termite Damage As Early As Possible

Trained pest control technicians have learned how to detect signs of termites. Today, many effective termite control measures enable companies such as Action Termite Control to help homeowners. Our termite and pest control company can perform an annual inspection to check for termite activity. If technicians do discover evidence of the termites or insects, we can provide valuable termite control assistance. Initiating termite control measures as soon as possible sometimes saves homeowners a lot of money.

Effective Termite Detection And Control

To help protect your residence from wood-chewing termites, contact us today. Simply call us at 602-439-5038 or use the convenient online form. We possess extensive experience detecting and controlling termite infestations.

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