Termite Treatments in Arizona Construction Zones

When you think of termite treatments, you most likely think that they are only used in very old homes. You may know very little about these pesky and ruinous little creatures except that they love to nibble on wood. However, even new construction can be affected by termites. Therefore, pre-treatments are particularly important for avoiding future problems.

Prevention Is the Key

The main reason that termite treatments are used at new construction sites is for prevention. No one wants termites lured to the new home or business. Treatment is also often easier before the entire building is finished when treatments can be buried or applied directly at the site. Pre-construction treatment is greatly preferable to post-construction treatment.

We believe that preventative measures are beneficial for several reasons. First, it is easier to prevent any kind of problem than it is to treat a new concern. Second, prevention is far cheaper than treatment of termite infestations is. There are fewer steps and less manpower needed. Third, we will have great access to key areas in the building before walls are placed.

Infestations Are Possible

Although most termite treatments for new construction are used only as preventative tools against further damage, there have been cases of actual termite infestations in new wood construction. Termites are often lured to new construction because of the high moisture content typically found there. They may be found in new construction added to older homes as well as in any newly constructed home. As soon as termites are noted around moist wood, the area of infestation should be completely treated and ruined wood should be removed from the area and destroyed.

Defend against Termites Now

There are a variety of methods that we can use to ensure great success at preventing future termite infestations at your home or business. By taking these steps now, you can save money as well as your peace of mind.

At Action Termite and Pest Control, we can help with all types of new construction treatments for termites in Arizona. Whether you already have an issue or want to prevent a future issue from occurring, we have the methods to end your anxiety over this ruinous development. Our long work hours mesh well with the hours of most contractors, and we can meet the needs at any homesite as well as at the sites of larger commercial building projects.

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