10 Termite Prevention Tips for Homes in the Phoenix Metro Area

The best way to stop termites in their tracks is to follow a few common-sense prevention measures. However, if you suspect you have a termite infestation, do not hesitate to call a professional for a qualified termite inspection and termite treatment.

Follow these simple Phoenix termite prevention steps to protect your home now.

1. Seal all doors and windows

Make sure that termites can’t get into the wooden skeleton of your home. Termites can get in through broken window screens or crawl beneath doors. Look for entry points around the foundation too.

2. Move lumber and firewood away from the house

Storing wood under or against your house, on top of bare soil, will be an irresistible source of food nesting for subterranean termites. Wood piles can also obscure the evidence that termites are invading your home.

3. Repair water leaks

This can include leaking faucets and pipes that create water damage, including those under or around the house. Subterranean termites are attracted to moisture.

4. Drain any puddles

 Termite colonies need moisture to thrive. Termites will love any puddles around your property. Keep your property dry and well-aired.

5. Inspect your wood furniture and floors

 Termites gladly eat any wood they can find. Particularly pay attention to outdoor deck furniture and your hardwood floors.

6. Get rid of old piles of clothing and cloth

 You might not think termites will eat clothing, but some fabrics are made of the cellulose termites feed on. Old piles of clothing or even canvas tarps could be a food source for termites.

7. Get rid of piles of old newspapers and magazines

 Once again, the paper is made of the cellulose that termites crave. If you have piles of paper stored in your garage, get rid of it.

8. Make sure subfloor vents are not blocked

 Poor ventilation in sub-floor will cause high humidity and moisture levels. Use extraction fans to eliminate moisture and reduce the risk of a termite invasion.

9. Divert air conditioning and hot water overflows away from the house

Make sure any downspouts are directed away from the foundation of your house.

10. Check that your termite shielding is intact

Metal strips and ant caps around your foundation won’t prevent termites, but they will force them out into the open.
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