How to Identify the Presence of Termites in Homes at Sun City AZ

Spring is here. With good weather, there is a lot of time to have fun. The last thing you will want to stress yourself about is termites. In this swarming season, termites are expected to be very active. Now, how can you determine that termites have invaded your home? We have you covered.

Clicking sounds in the wall

Termites always bang their heads on the wall. This is a way soldier termites send signals of danger to other termites. Be careful to listen to clicking sounds that may be emanating from the walls. By putting your ear close to the wall attacked by termites, you will hear them eating up your wood. However, it is believed that they are susceptible creatures.

Presence of flying termites

This is among the first signs that may show up in your home. You may notice termites flying around, meaning they have left their nests and are likely to be searching for a mating partner. At night, they may be seen flying around light bulbs. This occurs in some species of termites.

For dry wood termites which love eating woods, you will quickly notice them flying after rain. You may also see segments of termite wings around your home. After finding a mating partner, termites drop wings.

Wood with tunnels

Finding tunnels in the woods inside your house is hard. You may notice them in pieces of wood around your home, such as in the fences.

Damaged wood

You may notice that wood appears crushed at structural bearing points in your home. You can determine this by tapping wood with a hammer. If it is infested with termites, you will hear a dull thud. If you investigate the surface of an attacked wood with a sharp object, notice tunnels along the wood’s grain.

With the above signs, you will be in a position to identify an infestation quickly. It may not be easy for anyone to identify such an attack. If you need assistance in identifying termite infestations in Sun City AZ, contact our experts who are always ready to assist you.

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