Spring Cleaning In Mesa AZ? Add Termite Extermination To Your List

Spring is a great time to give your home a good cleaning, both inside and out. Cleaning and organizing is a perfect way to prepare for the warm days coming in Mesa AZ. You may not realize it, but termites love a messy environment. Here’s how you can combat a termite infestation in your home.

Look For Signs Of Termites As You Clean Your Home

During the winter months, pests like termites tend to stay out of sight. It’s important to look for signs of termites in your home like rotting wood, peeling paint or windows that stick. Termites can cause be found on the insides of hollow doors and they can cause your floors to creak. While you’re cleaning the basement, take a look for signs of termite debris and damage. Termites leave small holes in wooden beams, and they build mud tubes around the foundation.

Make Your Backyard A Termite Free Zone

When you’re ready to clean up your backyard, make sure to get inspect any wooden furniture, railroad ties or woodpiles that have been left outside for signs of termites. Remove or trim hedges, bushes and other plants that are near your foundation. Keep in mind that termites love a moist environment, so don’t provide them with one. Keep mulch to a minimum when it comes to landscaping, and always keep it away from your home’s foundation.

Call A Professional Exterminator For Help This Spring

If you do find signs of termites inside your home or in the garden, then don’t delay. Contact our termite experts today to stop them from invading your house. Termites can cause thousands of dollars in damage. You may not even realize your home has been infested with termites until you notice signs of structural damage.

We have years of experience with termite inspections and exterminations, in Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, Chandler, San Tan Valley and the East Valley so call us for superior pest and termite control service.

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