4 Signs Your Home in Phoenix Arizona May Have Termites

Termites can destroy your home, wreaking havoc on all wooden surfaces. In Arizona, they are a particular nuisance that can get out of control quickly. This is why it is vital to know how to recognize the signs that your home has termites as soon as possible. Here are the signs you need to watch for.

1. Sounds
Termites make a distinctive clicking sounds, especially when their colony is disturbed. They make noise as they chew, as well. If you begin hearing these kind of sounds coming from inside furniture or from the walls, it may be time to call an exterminator.

2. Wings
When termites grow to large numbers, you may find discarded wings trapped in spiderwebs, or on surfaces all over your home. Look for them on your windowsills, since that is one of the most common locations to find them.

3. Holes
Another sign that there are termites in your home is if you begin to see holes the size of pinpoints in your drywall. These may be hard to notice at first when it is just a few of them, but as the holes increase, you will be able to notice more of them. If you start to suspect this, take the time to knock on the walls. If you hear a hollow sound that is not the same from one part of the wall to the other, this can mean that the termites have been chewing the wood there.

4. Loosening Tiles
Another very common sign that you may have termites is if you begin to notice the tiles on your walls or floors are loosening. Termites tend to introduce moisture to the area in which they are building their nests, which can cause this kind of damage to tiles.

All of these signs will tell you that you probably have termites in your home. The best thing you can do is reach out to an expert exterminator to prevent the termite damage in Phoenix from getting worse.

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