4 Ways to Avoid Termites Entering Your Home in Peoria AZ

As we have written about before, termites thrive in moisture-dense environments. The outside of you home is obviously susceptible to moisture as it is regularly exposed to the elements, but the real risk of termite exposure is when outer moisture seeps inside the home. In order to prevent a termite infestation, Action Termite and Pest Control has compiled a list of precautions to ensure that pesky termites never cross the threshold into your home.

1. Make sure your home is properly sealed off from the elements

If there are any cracks or compromising damages to your home, termites can easily gain access and wreak havoc on your foundation. Due to their miniature size, termites can easily pass through even the smallest of cracks or holes in things like windows, screens, or roofing.

2. Regularly inspect any wood inside the home

Outside of wooden deck furniture or building materials that termites like to regularly feast on, indoor furniture or structural material can also be at risk if termites have infiltrated the home. Unfinished furniture, as well as joists and beams are especially susceptible.

3. Remove any firewood or other timbers from inside the home

Wood is a very well-known food source for termites, especially if it is stored in a cool, damp place like a cellar or basement. The longer wooden materials sit in the same place within the home, the more likely it will eventually become a snack for a family of termites. If your firewood has traditionally been stored inside your home, try storing it outside, and make sure it doesn’t make contact with the sides of the house.

4. Repair any leaks in pipes or taps

Other than saving you money on your water bill, fixing leaks in and around your home will also deter subterranean termites from becoming attracted to your home. The lower the moisture levels, the less likely termites will infiltrate your home from under the property.

We hope these simple tips help you better protect your home from bothersome termites in Peoria AZ. The longevity of your home is worth taking the proper precautions.

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