Think You Have Scorpions in Your Scottsdale Home or Business?

How To Know If You Have Scorpions

Scorpions can be a problem in Scottsdale, AZ. That being said, not all buildings have them. To understand what attracts scorpions to a building and if your building might be infesteed, there are a few basic things to know.

Scorpions Can Infest Any Building
Regardless if you own a house or business, scorpions can infest any building. Contrary to popular belief, newer homes are especially likely to have scorpion infestations. Because they do not nest together or roam in packs, the scope of a scorpion problem can be hard to detect.

Many people may not know they have a scorpion infestation until nighttime. By using a black light, you can easily spot the glow of their exoskeletons. During the winter months, they may be particularly difficult to find because they go into a hibernation-like state. This is true for any building in Scottsdale AZ.

You May Have Scorpions If…
-you have unsealed cracks or crevices
-you have lots of cabinet space
-you have a leaky air conditioner
-you have crickets

Scorpions can have easy access to a home or commercial building if there are open cracks or crevices. Even small cracks can provide enough room for a scorpion to enter. Once inside, they are likely to find dark areas such as the inside of cabinets or drawers. They are more likely to be found in these areas during the day.

A leaky air conditioner is a common problem. Because an air conditioner can provide water, scorpions can survive near the area for long periods of time. Sustaining scorpions with outside water sources will only lengthen their stay while ensuring more to come.

Buildings with crickets have a higher probability for scorpions. Since this is one of their main food sources, crickets should be eliminated to prevent the recurrence of scorpions. Cutting off both food and water may not rid the property of scorpions. To completely eliminate scorpions from the building, a professional is likely necessary.

Scorpions can be particularly pesky creatures. Since they are individual by nature, finding one can mean there are others. By successfully getting rid of all crickets and scorpions, the likelihood they will return is slim.

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