How to Keep Mice & Roof Rats Out of Your Home

You may think you have your rodent problem under control thanks to the traps and bait you’ve left out, but your job is far from over. If mice have gotten into your home once before, they can easily get in again. You need to mouse-proof your house if you really want to stay rodent-free. Here are a few tips that will help with that.

Keep Your Trash Covered

An open trash can will attract vermin, so make sure that your garbage cans have snug lids and you don’t have any holes in them. Metal garbage cans are best if you’ve had a rodent problem before since rodents cannot chew through them.

Cover All Entrances

Mice and rats can get through practically any opening in a wall. A full-grown rat can squeeze through a hole the size of a quarter, and mice obviously can get through something a lot smaller than that. Check your basement and crawl space for holes in your wall, and patch up any opening you might find.

Remove Food Sources

The biggest reason why mice might want to get into your home is because you provide them with an ample food supply. You can remove this temptation by storing pet food that you aren’t using in a container with a tight lid and only putting pet food out when you are feeding your pets. Pick up fruit that may have fallen from trees on your property before it can attract pests, and keep a close eye on your compost pile if you compost food scraps.

Clean Your Garage

Your garage can provide plenty of food and nesting sites for rodents. Since you don’t spend nearly as much time in your garage as you do the rest of your house, you might have an infestation before you know it. Sweep up any seeds, bone meal, flower bulbs, and anything else that you might have used for gardening or composting. If you keep this on hand for yard work and gardening, store them in glass containers with tight lids. Finally, never keep firewood in your garage. Firewood makes for ideal nesting grounds for mice, and keeping them in your warm garage around plenty of food will only make it more attractive. Also, having epoxy garage floors in Phoenix helps keep the garage clean, safe, a more pest free.

If you’ve taken all of these precautions and you still notice a few mice running around, contact Action Termite & Pest Control today to help deal with the problem once and for all.

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