5 Tips to Keep Your Home Rodent-Free in Phoenix

There is nothing quite as jarring as finding out you have rodents in your home. If you see one rodent, there may be more hidden away. It is true that rodents can multiply very quickly in your home if they have offspring. To avoid a rodent infestation, it is very important to follow the below tips. These tips can help to keep your home clean and rodent-free.

#1: Check on entryways periodically.
Remember to frequently check on doors, windows, frames, and even the roof. Even the slightest crack or hole could lead to a rodent getting inside your home. If you notice damage, replace it as soon as possible and make sure all holes and cracks are sealed closed.

#2: Keep a tidy house inside and out.
Be sure that both the inside and outside of your home is free of debris/clutter. Rodents will hide themselves among objects and nest in places you would never look or realize. Outdoors, make sure you are always clearing any leaves, brush, or natural debris that accumulates near your home.

#3: Eliminate any food or water sources.
If you have pets, always take their food bowls away once they have been fed. Leaving out food could attract pesky rodents.

#4: Hire professionals.
To ensure that your home remains rodent-free, you may want to invest in the professionals. Having a professional take a quick survey of your home, they may be able to share more tips on where and how you can improve security. They may also check around to see if there are rodent feces present. If there are signs, they will set traps in areas that may be prone to rodent infestation.

#5: Close your garage.
If you have a garage, avoid leaving it open for an extended period of time. This is often a space that can accumulate clutter and will be appealing to rodents. If one makes its way into your garage without your knowledge, they may gain entry into your living space and you’ll have a bigger problem to deal with. Getting an epoxy garage floor in Phoenix can help keep it cleaner and keep rodents from finding hiding spots

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