How to Get Rid of Roaches in Sun City

Imagine welcoming a colleague at work who is visiting your apartment for the first time, and at the very entrance, a cockroach makes its way past the living room, embarrassing, right?. And most times, roaches can be stubborn to DIY methods, and professional insights maybe a good idea. This article will tackle the conditions that the bugs thrive in and guide some pest control methods.

First cockroaches thrive in warm, humid climates and filth. That means anytime you leave dirty dishes in sinks, food crumbs on tabletops, and the floors, hipping garbage, and un-drained water, you are welcoming a roach infestation in your home. Containing roaches in a single unit may not be as stringent as controlling in an apartment. In apartments, cockroaches can quickly infest all the houses using the shared vents and opening, especially if you have a neighbor who is not hygienic.

There are six significant cockroaches found in Arizona American, German, European, brown-banded, brown, and Turkestan. The primary ways to keep cockroaches out of your apartment include;

  • Storing food in tight containers
  • Clearing table and countertops after meals and meal preparations
  • Invest in drainage seals and ensure you drain your sinks entirely before placing the seal
  • Ensure maximum cleaning as often as you can, cleaning every dark hiding places
  • Invest in sturdy steel and door sweep to cover the space under the door to block the entrance
  • Reach out for pest eradicators

Below are some natural ways that can aid in reducing the roaches infestation in your apartment;

  • Citrus fragrances, roaches loathe the smell, invest in cleaning soaps, and gels with citrus.
  • A concussion of boric acid, flour, and sugar, the flour, and sugar will act as roach baits while the acid will eradicate them.
  • Use lavender oil to spray around your house; roaches loathe the fragrances.
  • White vinegar will not eradicate the pests but can repel them.
  • Mix baking soda and sugar, this serves the same purpose as the boric acid.

The most unfortunate thing about roaches is that they are not seasonal pests; they are all-year-round kinds of pests. Eradicating them is a high priority. If the infestation is beyond DIY control management, we recommend hiring viable pest control. If you need help with roaches or need pest control services in Sun City contact our experts at Action Termite & Pest Control.

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