Problem With Scorpions in Your Phoenix Home? Here’s What You Should Do

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Problem With Scorpions in Your Phoenix Home? Here’s What You Should Do

Arizona's Experts Since 1969

Did you know? Arizona is home to 56 scorpion species, any of which may choose your home as their stomping grounds. The bark scorpion and desert hairy scorpion are the two most commonly found in the Phoenix area.

Any scorpion you encounter may leave you with a painful bite, but the desert hairy scorpion may cause serious medical problems from its bite. Since this scorpion finds its way inside homes more often than other species, this concerns many homeowners.

Making matters worse, scorpions often leave no indication of their presence. Homeowners learn about scorpion infestations when they see the critter crawling around the home.

How to Get Rid of Scorpions

Getting rid of scorpions often requires professional help. Pesticides sold at home improvement stores do not kill scorpions, especially larger ones. Homeowners must take a few steps to keep scorpions out of their homes.

A few tips that keep scorpions away from your home:

  • Eliminate entry points inside the home
  • Eliminate standing water outside the home
  • Clear debris, brush, firewood, etc. at least 30-feet from the house
  • Keep outdoor lights turned off at night. Scorpions feed on insects like crickets. By keeping the light off, you will attract fewer of both pests.

Professional Scorpion Solutions

Professional pest control experts offer a solution to current scorpion problems. Do not assume professional scorpion control is too expensive. Most homeowners find the costs considerably low, especially considering the major benefit service provides to homeowners battling scorpions.

With professional scorpion control, expert pest removal relieves this dreaded pest from your home. You can scoop up the scorpion yourself, but professionals have a far more effective, safe removal strategy for people who prefer to steer clear.

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