3 Reasons To Keep Pigeons Away From Your Home in Phoenix AZ

Arizona's Experts Since 1969

3 Reasons To Keep Pigeons Away From Your Home in Phoenix AZ

Arizona's Experts Since 1969

Pigeons have adapted to living in close proximity to humans. They can nest in buildings where they are safe from predators and scavenge for food from many different sources. In addition, pigeons are also very intelligent and can be trained to do many different things. Unfortunately, pigeons can also cause many different problems for buildings and those who live and work in those buildings.

1. Structural Damage

Pigeons have the ability to use their beaks to move objects. In fact, pigeons can move loose roofing shingles and other light building materials to gain access to a structure. Once inside, pigeons can make nests in insulation and do damage to untreated wood by defecating on them. Pigeons droppings are acidic and can cause damage to a variety of materials.

2. Diseases

Most diseases do not pass from one animal to another. However, pigeons are able to carry dozens of different diseases that humans can contract. This includes avian flu (bird flu). Many different diseases can be transmitted from bird droppings to humans. Bird feces in an attic, crawlspace or other area of the home can grow mold and fungus. The mold and fungus can then become airborne and enter the living areas of the home where they are breathed into the lungs and can cause an infection. Even without causing an infection, bird feces in a home can cause allergic reactions and trigger asthma attacks. Cats, dogs and other pets can also catch diseases, as well as fleas and ticks, from contact with pigeons.

3. Other Vermin

The presence of pigeons can attract other animals. Snakes may be drawn into a building to feed on the pigeons and eggs. Though snakes are generally harmless to humans, they are rarely welcome in a person’s home. Rats can also feed on pigeon eggs and will be attracted into the home. Holes opened by pigeons also make a convenient entrance for mice, rats, chipmunks, squirrels and other small animals.

Though pigeons have lived in cities from the beginning of civilization, there presence should not be tolerated in a home, business or other property. From the suburbs of Scottsdale to the downtown areas of Central City, pigeons are encountered all over the Phoenix metropolitan area. Those who have pigeon infestations in Phoenix, or believe they may be at risk, should call Action Termite and Pest Control for prompt service from professional technicians.

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