3 Important Things You Need to Know About Pigeon Control in Phoenix AZ

Arizona's Experts Since 1969

3 Important Things You Need to Know About Pigeon Control in Phoenix AZ

Arizona's Experts Since 1969

Pigeons invade others’ homes. Unneeded voids, sloping rest areas, and free for all landing devices invites the bird to roost where unwelcomed.

1. Habitats and Habits

Spilling food or torn trash bags beckon pigeons to binge and set up to roost. Tempting a pigeon with voids, enclosed areas, and steeples invite them to stay and wait for a morsel of food to come loose.

Pesky pigeons rely on people. Problems arise when humans provide shelter, food, and places to roost and wait.

Pigeons make use of many human-made habitats :

  • Warehouses
  • Grain Elevators
  • Feed Mills
  • Public Park Space
  • Bridges
  • Buildings

2. Pigeon Problems

Pigeons are dirty animals. The winged pest causes disease and property damage. Pigeons even cause personal injury lawyers to involve themselves after a slip and fall on droppings.

The aging of man-made structures is a result of pigeon roosts. Protection of high traffic areas keeps injuries from happening and the chance of degrading down.

The major threat of pigeon infestation is the fact it causes illnesses:

  • Toxoplasmosis
  • Salmonella
  • Various Food Poisoning
  • Cryptococcosis
  • Promotes Fungus Growth – Histoplasmosis
  • Promotes Other Disease Carrying Pests – Fleas, Mites, Ticks, and Lice
  • Asthma

3. Signs of Pigeon Infestation

Spotting a pigeon or two in the streets of Phoenix, Arizona is one thing. Seeing a few near a home or commercial building is one of the red flags.

Other Serious Signs

Noticing Potential Nesting: Removing branches, twigs, sticks, leaves, and trash is part of keeping a property. The abundance of nesting supplies is a sure sign that pigeons are making use of them. Not known for their neatness, scattered materials help verify their nesting.

Too Many Pigeons: Pigeons are social birds. When an influx happens, the number of birds is obvious. Birds wobbling around, gathering in spaces, and roosting high is a signal it is time to call pest control.

Droppings: All birds leaving droppings behind, however, pigeon droppings make it hard to walk and cause injury. Calling the pros will save money from a potential claim.

Pigeons are not the only birds that cause destruction and distraction. But, in the Phoenix, Arizona area, the scavenger bird is the most insistent. It is best to catch them early before they cause injury, illness, or damage. Call our professionals today for pigeon control in Phoenix AZ.

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