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Pigeons are the #1 pest problem around the World including Phoenix, AZ. They speed-up building deterioration, not to mention that large amounts of Pigeon feces can kill vegetation. Destruction is just one of the problems cause by Pigeons. They are known to carry deadly diseases, such as Histoplasmosis, an airborne disease known to effect people. It’s best to keep feral Pigeons from roosting on and around your home and business.

Controlling and Protecting Your Home from Pigeon Infestation

Action offers a variety of control measures to fit your specific problem. We handle everything from clean up and sanitation of the area, to exclusion work which keep pigeons from nesting on your property. We also offer a trapping and relocating service to remove pigeons that won’t leave your property.

Pigeon Control Phoenix | Get Rid of Pigeons and Birds

Action’s Pigeon Control Service in Phoenix.

In most cases, people run into pigeons in relatively open spaces. Parks are primarily known for being habitats to these seemingly harmless birds. Some even enjoy watching them feed and fly around. These birds are somewhat intelligent and can be trained for various purposes. However, these characteristics and friendly nature should not blind you to their potential hazards.

Worldwide, however, pigeons are an acknowledged troublesome pest. Urban pigeons, in particular, are often compared to troublesome rodents. In Phoenix, these birds have shown just how much of a nuisance they can be. They cause structural damage and leave their droppings all over, resulting in unhealthy messes. Their invasive nature is believed to be problematic for both the environment and human well-being. These potential dangers make it necessary for us, at Action Termite and Pest Control, to offer an elaborate service for pigeon control in Phoenix, Arizona.

Why pigeons are a nuisance?

Pigeons have, over time, got comfortable living around human activity. They build their nests on our properties and buildings, which they find incredibly safe and close to their food sources. These birds use their beaks to move aside and destroy building materials in a bid to gain shelter within a structure. They make their nests close to vital insulation, which becomes a problem over time. These creatures can cause severe damage to any structure they inhabit, given their waste’s acidic nature. The wood used for roofing, which was left untreated, is especially vulnerable. This damage could, over time, result in the collapse of roofing material leading to injuries and accidents. Their waste is also known to damage paint on vehicles and other property.

Pigeons pose a health hazard to the people living in and around the structures they inhabit. Additionally, pigeons can become carriers for multiple human diseases such as the renowned bird flu and Histoplasmosis. This carrier status makes them extremely dangerous. These diseases find their way to humans through the droppings from these birds. Therefore, anyone who comes into contact with these droppings must wash them off thoroughly to avoid infection. The accumulation of this waste on your property exposes you and your family to many risks. Over time, it becomes a site for disease growth, causing fungi and mold, which become airborne and spread through your home. As a result, your family could develop deadly health infections. Pets are also at risk of contracting diseases and pests from these beds. Pigeon feces can also aggravate asthma and other allergic reactions.

The presence of pigeons in your home may also attract dangerous predators, such as snakes. Snakes are known to feed on both the birds and their eggs. Pigeonholes again turn into entry points for other creatures and pests such as rats, squirrels, chipmunks, mice, and even scorpions. Pigeons love to live in large flocks, which means they slowly attract others to inhabit a structure that has proved comfortable for them. This large number becomes uncontrollable and usually comes with a lot of noise.

Phoenix Pigeon Control Service

At Action Termite and Pest Control in Phoenix, AZ, we offer a specialized service tailored for the cleanup, control, and removal of pest pigeons from your property. This service is being provided for both residential and commercial properties. The service entails dispatching a professional who carries out a free inspection to determine your property’s pigeon situation. These technicians will then proceed to eject these problematic birds from their nests in your roofing structure. We will also recommend and set up pigeon deterrents on various parts of your property to keep them away for good. We make use of deterrent, trapping and relocation measures to safely and permanently rid your structure of these stubborn pests. The expert from Action will also take their time to advise you on the steps to be taken after pest removal to ensure that your home remains Pigeon-free. This control service is so efficient and will also do a thorough cleanup of your property, eliminate the remaining waste and nests, and wash out the afflicted sections. This pest control plan from Action will leave you with a clean, sanitary, and pest-free environment upon completion. To access and gain more information on this pigeon control service, kindly visit https://actiontermitecontrol.com/pest-services/pigeons/. You will also find the relevant contacts at the bottom of the web-page.

Benefits of Action Termite & Pest Control

professional pest control service, such as the one offered by Action, guarantees a competent and efficient removal of this pest from your property. Once we execute our pest control plan, you are guaranteed to realize the accompanying benefits immediately. Our professional pest control service will ensure the protection of family’s or colleague’s health. We achieve this by sanitizing the environment and getting rid of the disease-causing pigeon waste. Once we eradicate these pests from your property, you will no longer have a problem with noise pollution from their incessant cooing. This plan guarantees you peace of mind and allows you to focus on other endeavors. Our action plan is designed to ensure these pests do not return once they have been evicted. The exclusion and deterrent measures taken by our technicians are useful in this measure. We also aim to ensure the safety of pets living on your property. As such, we use safe methods and equipment for pest control that in no way pose dangers to your pet family. The benefits far outweigh the cost. Our professional service guarantees you value for your invested money.

Pigeon-proofing measures

As an individual, you may want to consider a few measures to keep pigeons from making their way to your home. Like other pests, it is recommended that you make sure your property offers no food and watering points for these pests. Knowing they can easily access this material on your property encourages them to move and get comfortable there. We also recommend that homeowners carry out their inspections from time to time and seal off any possible openings that could be turned into pigeonholes. These openings often lead into sizeable crawl spaces or attics, which pigeons love to turn into their homes. Denying them physical access to your property is a guaranteed way to keep them out.

Property owners can also install preventive netting, bird spikes, and electric wire defenses on their property. This equipment is extremely useful in keeping pigeons from perching themselves onto your roof. In some cases, you may install a fake owl on your structure. The efficiency of this measure is attributed to the fact that owls prey on pigeons. Much like a scarecrow, this artificial creature should be able to scare-off pigeons looking to nest on your property. If none of these measures are useful, we recommend that you contact us, at Action Pest Control, for professional intervention into the budding pigeon problem.

FAQs About Pigeons and Birds

How do I fight a pigeon infestation and get rid of pigeons and birds?

To fight off pigeons, you will need to take measures that make your structure inhospitable for them. These measures involve sealing off entry points, installing deterrent equipment, and preventing perching on your roof. It would be ideal if you also considered contacting a professional pest control service such as Action Termite and Pest Control for help.

Why do pigeons come back?

Pigeons are always believed to find their way back no matter how many times you chase them. This skill is attributed to their ability to discern magnetic fields from the earth. They are biologically able to affix a homing sense to their nests’ location, allowing them to return despite how many times they are deterred.

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