Pigeon Control

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Pigeon Control in Arizona

Pigeon Control in Phoenix
Pigeons are the #1 pest problem around the World. They speed-up building deterioration, not to mention that large amounts of Pigeon feces can kill vegetation. Destruction is just one of the problems cause by Pigeons. They are known to carry deadly diseases, such as Histoplasmosis, an airborne disease known to effect people. It’s best to keep feral Pigeons from roosting on and around your home and business.

Controlling and Protecting Your Home from Pigeon Infestation

Action offers a variety of control measures to fit your specific problem. We handle everything from clean up and sanitation of the area, to exclusion work which keep pigeons from nesting on your property. We also offer a trapping and relocating service to remove pigeons that won’t leave your property.

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