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Phoenix Pest Control

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Have a pest problem? Or would you like to take preventative measures? Whatever the issue, we have a solution. At Action we understand that not every structure is the same. Each has its own, unique characteristics that may effect what type of pests are attracted to it, where they may prefer to hide, and how often treatment is necessary.

We provide recurring services Monthly, Bi-Monthly, and Quarterly, and we do it at no obligation, without contracts! No obligation pest service means we DO NOT make our costumers sign annual contracts. Your structure is unique. We will customize your service to fit your needs. It’s that simple.

Why Action Termite & Pest Control for Any Pest?

Not only do we offer our services without contracts, but also as a certified, top-rated company. With Action you can rest easy, knowing your home or business is protected, and for a reasonable price. With homes and businesses differing greatly in Arizona, our experience in the Valley is a benefit that can’t be ignored. As local experts, we know how to protect the structures in Arizona as well as the people that occupy them.


Get the Best Pest Control Services in Phoenix


Pests are one of the most disturbing and nasty insects in the world. They exist and cause damage to everything that comes their way. Whether in the farms, homes, offices, or commercial premises, their effect is quite annoying and discouraging.

Phoenix is well-versed in having a warm and sunny climate, which offers a hospitable environment for its residents. However, these conditions are equally attractive and conducive to the survival of pests. Not just for cockroaches, but also bees, ants, termites, and rodents. Asides from that, Phoenix attracts black widows and deadly scorpions, which can pose a great risk to your health and that of your loved ones.

Threats that Pests pose in Phoenix
Destructors to valuable properties for a long time, pests, and rodents have been known to cause great damage to important items in homes, offices, and even commercial buildings. They tend to scratch and bite everything that comes their way, like furniture, household, and other valuables. Sadly, they can even find a way into your safety boxes and lockers. As a result, you may lose part or whole of any important and valuable items.

Disease carriers
Certain pests and rodents can carry and transmit diseases or infections to human beings through bites or stings. If this happens to you or your loved ones, the individual’s health can be badly affected. Others like black spiders and scorpions are poisonous and can be dangerous to your life and that of your family.

Food and water contamination
If your home or workplace has plenty of pests, the chances of getting your food or water polluted are higher. In other words, the pests can dispose of their wastes directly to open food or water pots. Some may also contaminate foodstuffs upon making contact with them, and this could cause great health problems.

Swollen bodies
Nasty pests such as wasps, ants, and bees can sometimes attack you whenever you cause a distraction to their comfy homes. Therefore, their stings and bites can leave you with painful and swollen skin on different parts of the body. Regrettably, the swollen skin may pave the way to other nasty infections, which will cost you a significant amount of money to treat and heal.

Treating your home for pests
So, how long should it take you to treat your home for pests in Phoenix? Typically, this may depend on the place you reside, the type of pest, including other factors that a specialist needs to evaluate during the first visit. Some would say after several months, while others do so after a year. Given Phoenix’s conditions, Phoenix residents need to treat their homes and premises of pests more often.

What should you do after spotting pests in your place of residence?
Unfortunately, most people tend to rush things up whenever they come across any pests or rodents in their homes or commercial premises. They ought to look for ‘do it yourself’ methods or techniques to get rid of these small enemies in such a case.

Plus, some tend to seek assistance or pest control services from less reputable and inexperienced individuals from the streets. Most of these approaches never work efficiently and makes the pests and rodents even more powerful and dangerous, so are the risks.

If you don’t want that to happen again, Action Termite and Pest Control should be your number one company to contact. We boast the most experienced and highly reputable experts in all matters concerning pests. Being in the business of termite and pest control business ever since 1969, you can always expect the best quality services you desire.

We believe that experience is everything! That’s why every team member has more than 20 years of experience in controlling termites and keeping homes safe from pest infestation. If you have been looking for the best pest control service provider in Phoenix without a catch, Action Termite and Pest Control should be the ultimate choice.

Pest Control Services we offer
At Action Termite and Pest Control, we provide a vast range of services to choose from. Below, we have identified some of the top-notch services our customers liked and appreciated much.

1. Termite Control
Are you looking for the best and top-rated termite control service at a remarkably affordable price? Well, look no further! Action Termite and Pest Control Company is an iconic leader in providing quality termite control or treatments. With a highly experienced team of experts, we are always one step ahead of our competitors. Our 50 years in the business with remarkable performance have provided us with a better chance to partner with top product manufacturers worldwide.

The specialists here uses apt techniques and procedures right from proper identification of termite infestations to the treatment plan. What’s more, we offer different treatments for getting rid of termites that have to deem successful at all times. You can always count on our experts to give you the best termite infestation control that will help keep your home and properties safe and durable.

2. General Pests Control
As much as we are known to offer Phoenix’s best termite control services, fighting other general pests continues to be our ultimate goal. The list includes pests like cockroaches, ants, bees, wasps, and much more. In other words, you can be confident that we will address any pests giving you a headache at your home with our reliable General Pests Control Services.

3. Scorpions Control
Phoenix region hosts one of the most toxic scorpion species in North America. Consequently, a significant number of people have lost their lives because of their bites. So, keeping your home treated for a scorpion using Scorpions Control Services we offer should be the best thing for you to do. We use unique products and advanced techniques to eliminate these deadly insects from your homes and commercial buildings.

4. Bed Bug Control
Having problems sleeping at night because of the irritating bites from bed bugs that infested your bedding? Well, your night’s sleep should not always be a nightmare. With our top-notch Bed Bug Control Services at Action Termite and Pest Control, you can say goodbye to these crazy pests. Though they appear small, our team of experts in this field has remarkable skills in removing all of the bed bugs from their hiding spots with ultimate ease and getting rid of them for good.

5. Pigeon control
Pigeons top the list of problematic pests around the world. They are very destructive, especially to farm produce, which makes the farmers suffer heavy losses. Besides that, pigeons are quite messy and make your place look untidy and uncomfortable to stay for long.

This is to say; they relieve their wastes anywhere they want at any time. Therefore, cleaning such places can be very hectic and daunting. What’s more, these pests can carry diseases and transmit them to humans and pets, which affects people’s health status.

6. Rodent Control
Typically, eliminating rodent infestation can be quite a difficult task. This is especially due to their rapid and consistent rates of births. So, if you fail to control them, you can be sure that they will do great damage to your valuables in no time. With our Rodent Control Service, we ensure top safety for your properties prone to damage by these kinds of pests. Such items include furniture, wire cables, and many others.

7. Bee Control
As much as we like bees for their delicious honey, they sometimes can be quite dangerous to human and domestic animals or pets. Thankfully, our cutting-edge techniques have been enhanced to ensure efficient control of honey bee infestation. This includes even the removal of their nests and hives from your premises. For that reason, you can always feel contended moving around your home.

Can I get a free inspection?
Yes. We offer a free inspection to our customers living in Phoenix and the rest of the Valley region. Therefore, you can take advantage of this offer and get your home, or commercial property checked for pests.

Do you offer your services on contracts or sign up fees?
No. We don’t deliver our pest control services on a contract basis. You will always get us whenever you need. Besides, you don’t require to pay anything to contact us or register on our platform.

That said, Action Termite and Pest Control Company come as your number one option for the best pest control services in Phoenix. Our services are highly reputable, and thus you can expect to get the desired results. What’s more, you will never have to spend a fortune to eliminate pests from your home as we provide our services at quite affordable prices.

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Serving Arizona since 1969, Action Termite & Pest Control is a family owned & operated, full-service pest control company locally based out of Phoenix, AZ.  Separating ourselves from our competitors we have built up an all-star team of Arizona’s best termite & pest control experts.  With the lowest turnover in the industry the majority of our team members have been with us for over 15 years!

Action Termite & Pest Control services the entire Valley, providing both residential and commercial services. From recurring pest control for scorpions, to termite control treatments, and even proofing your home from roof rats and pigeons you can count on Action Termite & Pest Control to help eliminate your pest problem so you can live happily being pest free!

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