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Bee Control in Arizona

Bee RemovalAlthough bees are an essential component to agriculture and the natural environment, providing essential pollination services, they can become a liability in and around human inhabited areas. Many people are allergic to Bee stings, and hives pose additional risks, even to those that are not. Once established, Bee colonies can be extremely difficult to remove safely, whether Africanized or not.

Facts About Bees in the Arizona

Bee Removal TechnicianBee Hive in HomeThere are 25,000 species of Bees worldwide, but most homeowners in the Phoenix area are unaware that over 90% of wild bees in the Valley are in fact, Africanized Honey Bees. These Bees can be quite aggressive, and may even cause death in some cases. Bees in the wild should never be taken lightly. Whether you choose Action or not, removing a hive should be done by a professional.

Why Action Termite & Pest Control for Bee Removal?

Actions’s licensed professionals are experts in hive removal. With a long history of removing hives both residential and commercial, there is no hive we can’t remove.

Our technicians take special care to remove hives safely, reducing the risk of swarming and elevated risk to neighboring homes, people, and animals.

Bee Hive Cut-out in WallMasterTech Techinicial Removing Bee Hive on Phoenix HomePulling Back Hive to Reveal HoneycombHoneycomb from a Bee Hive in Phoenix

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