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Bee RemovalAlthough bees are an essential component to agriculture and the natural environment, providing essential pollination services, they can become a liability in and around human inhabited areas. Many people are allergic to Bee stings, and hives pose additional risks, even to those that are not. Once established, Bee colonies can be extremely difficult to remove safely, whether Africanized or not.

Facts About Bees in the Arizona

There are 25,000 species of Bees worldwide, but most homeowners in the Phoenix area are unaware that over 90% of wild bees in the Valley are in fact, Africanized Honey Bees. These Bees can be quite aggressive, and may even cause death in some cases. Bees in the wild should never be taken lightly. Whether you choose Action or not, removing a hive should be done by a professional.

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Action’s Bee Control Solutions for Phoenix.

Bees form an essential part of the ecosystem. These bees are flying insects with close relations to ants and wasps. Bees are usually at the center of pollination, which is a necessary process for plant reproduction. Bees live in large numbers in hives and are generally grouped into three categories. Inside the beehive, you will find worker bees, drones, and the queen. Each of these bees has a specific role in their general survival. Bees also produce honey and wax, making them a beneficial Agricultural phenomenon. The products from beehive keeping have multiple applications, which are very lucrative. Bee-keeping has become an entire industry as a result. Honey bees are the ideal option for the agricultural production of honey and wax. Despite the many benefits, these flying creatures can be a nuisance for homeowners. They pose an apparent threat that also makes them a liability. Bees are known for their painful stings. These stings are particularly dangerous for people with allergic reactions as they carry the venom that reacts terribly with them. They can become tragic if no medical intervention is urgently delivered. Beehives also add to this risk as these bees are lethal even for people who are not allergic to their stings. Getting rid of an established hive of bees is not easy.

Bees in Arizona
Bees can be found all over the world. They will inhabit any location as long as the conditions are favorable for their activities and survival. Scientific experts confirm that Africanized Honey bees are the most dominant species of bees in Arizona. This species is known for its aggressive nature, which has in severe cases led to tragedy. They are not tame and, as such, pose a threat to anyone who encounters them. This bee is so dangerous it earned the name ‘Killer bee.’ They achieved this name because of their defensive nature that gives them a quick reaction to foreign stimuli, unlike other more calm honey bee species. Even pets and animals are put at risk by these flying insects. The Africanized honey bee is ever alert and considers a large area its territory. Crossing into this territory will have them perceive you as a threat, and they will attack. This species lives in considerably larger swarms that are very rigid about their domain. They can also chase the perceived threat for much longer distances. These bees are known to take over other honey bee colonies, making them a problem for the ecosystem. This bee species is not specific about places it inhabits, so they have been often seen nesting around human activity. The weather in Arizona does not seem to hamper their movements. This species has gained the ability to withstand scorching weather conditions, having interbred with the East African honey bee species from the tropics. The dangers of this bee species are more significant when compared to other species. Therefore, homeowners must seek professional help whenever they encounter a hive.

Signs of bee infestation
If you are keen, it is straightforward to notice a progressing bee infestation. Homeowners will observe increased bee activity on their property, usually around windows and eaves. Bees are irritatingly noisy and will get your attention. This activity is typically a sign that they are nesting nearby. Bees move in swarms as they look for new locations to colonize. Spotting swarms around your home will show you that they are scouting for a place to nest nearby. Active nests show that the bees have made a home on your property. They tend to nest in low activity areas such as floorboards, trees, and walls. Homeowners suspecting a bee nest in their home can determine its location by observing the bees’ activity. Honeybees tend to stain ceilings and walls with the honey they produce. This honey will leave dark spots that can point out the precise location of the infestation.

Action’s killer bee solution
Spotting bees in your home is usually a red flag for many. This caution is because we understand the dangers that come with cohabiting with these flying bugs. It may also trigger you to want to free your property of this infestation quickly. Ignoring the manifesting problem will also not make it go away. A solution needs to be effected by the homeowner to make the property safe for them and their family. We recommend that you contact us at Action Pest Control whenever you believe there is an infestation at your Arizona home. Trying to eradicate this honeybee infestation by yourself could turn tragic given their apparent aggression. Our Bee Control Solutions guarantee a safer and more efficient way for you to do this. Our trained technicians are experienced and well versed with the removal and relocation of these insects.

At your request, we will dispatch an expert to come and inspects the infestation situation and decide on a course of action. These technicians are well equipped with specialized material to eradicate this species of honey bees safely. After locating the nest and determining a course of action, we request the property residents to move to a safe location until the exercise is complete. In severe cases, our technicians will use ideal insecticide sprays to destroy the colony. This method of eradication usually requires more than one visit as it does not vastly affect the unhatched eggs. Once the technician eliminates the bees, they will extract the hive to keep leaking honey and wax from damaging your structures. This measure also ensures exclusion to keep another swarm from moving in. Once our technicians entirely remove the bees and nest, they will take the necessary steps to seal off entry points and prevent re-infestation.

In some cases, where possible, we inflict no harm on the bee colony. However, we relocate it to a more ideal and safe location where the bees will pose no dangers. This procedure involves beekeepers baiting the honeybees, placing them in a box hive, and relocating them. This method is can only be applied by technicians to beehives that are accessible. Those in walls and under floorboards are harder to handle using this method. Natural bee solutions are also available at Action Pest Control. Our Bee control service focuses on the principle of ensuring your safety of the homeowners. This safety measure is why we will not begin extermination until all the residents have moved to a safer location. Experts tailor our services to suit honeybees and deliver the best elimination results.

Preventive measures
Homeowners can adopt a few practices to make their property less attractive to bees looking to nest. Bees are naturally drawn to sweet foods and scents. Keeping such foods covered is a proven first step in preventing bee infestation. Dairy and meat products may also attract bees. This measure is vital during hot weather seasons. Homeowners can also purchase bee repellents (natural) or come up with DIY repellents. Homeowners can also use plugin bug repellents for this as they produce high-frequency sounds that irritate insects and keep them away. Scented candles with fragrances based on peppermint, cinnamon, and lemongrass are also capable repellents. While looking for ways to keep these creatures in check, we advise that you use humane approaches that will not hamper the biodiversity that comes with bees. Educating yourself and your family on these bees and their accompanying dangers will better prepare you for what to do when you encounter one. If the infestation gets out of hand, we recommend that you reach out to us at Action Pest Solutions for professional assistance.

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