3 Ways To Prepare Your Property For Spring Pests in Phoenix, AZ

As the temperatures begin to warm up in Phoenix, you need to begin preparing your property and your home for Spring pests. Homeowners often plan for spring cleaning on the inside of their home, but you should also consider outdoor projects to ensure you don’t have unwelcome visitors over the summer. Bugs, birds, and rodents can create a lot of damage around the house – so be sure to take measures to keep them away.

1. Clean the Yard

You might want to begin with clearing out clutter from around the perimeter of the house and search for areas where pests might want to hide. Walk around your home and clean windows and screens. During the winter months, screens and wood can become damaged and create the perfect place for bugs to nest and hide. Haul away old lawnmowers or bicycles you are not planning to use and rake up dead foliage from your flower beds and gardens. Termites and other pests love warm and moist wood found in or near your home. Prevent an infestation by planning ahead.

2. Seal your House

During the winter months, temperatures fluctuate and may cause damage to the outside of your home. Spring is the perfect time to walk around and check your foundation for cracks, rotted wood, or loose bricks. All of these spaces can attract termites, rodents and other pests who are looking for a place to nest and multiply. Before these bugs and animals can invade your home, seal up the cracks and replace rotted wood and bricks.

3. Consider your Plants

As you begin thinking about spring plants, consider the benefits of certain flowers and greenery that will help keep bugs and pests away from your home. Lavender not only smells great, but it is also a great bug repellant. You can plant lavender in pots and place them on the patio or near the door. Mint is another fun plant that keeps bugs away and can be grown as lush green foliage in your yard or as an accent in your flower boxes or pots.

To make sure your home and yard are ready for summer BBQ’s and family parties, call our pest control specialists in Phoenix AZ to look over your property and house and ensure you are pest free.

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