3 Tips for Getting Rid of Roof Rats in Phoenix Arizona

Roof rats are found throughout the Arizona valley, but made their first debut in Phoenix in 2002. The rodents continue to increase in the valley area, looking for a free meal and warm place to spend at night.
If you are having problems with these pesky, disease-carrying rodents (or if you want to avoid an infestation) follow these tips and call in the professionals at Action for assistance.

1. No Free Meal

One of the things roof rats are looking for is food. The abundance of citrus in and around the Phoenix area is a major attraction for these rodents since the fruits provide them with both food and water.
*Don’t provide the roof rats with a free meal by leaving citrus or other foods unprotected. *Harvest fruits from trees; gather dropped fruits from under trees; and store fruits and foods in rat-proof containers.
*Don’t leave pet food out overnight and store it in a rat-proof container too.
*Keep trash in tightly sealed containers.
*Outdoor bird feeders are another attraction for roof rats. Only put out a daily ration of bird seed in feeder each morning and sweep up all dropped seeds from under the bird feeder.

2. No Free Lodging

With a full belly, the next on the roof rat’s agenda is a nearby place to live. When the weather is pleasant in the winter and spring the rodents prefer outdoor accommodations. Summer and winter have them scrambling to find a way indoors. Stop them from moving into your neighborhood by cleaning up all yard debris.
*Prune fruit trees so you can see under them.
*Rake up all debris under fruit trees.
*Prune palm trees so rats can’t create nests in old palm fronds.
*Remove brush piles.

3. Moving In

When roof rats can’t find suitable accommodations outdoors, they will try to move in with you. Make that impossible for them by:
*Sealing up all holes and cracks. All a rodent needs is an opening the size of a coin to enter your home.
*Covering all pipes leading from inside to outside with fine screen wire.
*Placing steel wool pads in all open duct work and around water and drain pipes.
*Caulking all cracks and cervices around windows and doors.

If you have roof rats in your home, call our pest control experts in Phoenix AZ, today!

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