Will murder hornets come to Arizona?

The murder hornet is more properly known as the Asian Giant Hornet. Regardless of its name, the murder hornet the latest insect to capture the public’s imagination. Though it has a terrifying nickname, the murder hornet gets its name from its ability to kill other bees and not from killing humans. The murder hornet is a serious threat to native bees and a concern for honey producers. While the murder hornet is more interested in killing bees than people, murder hornets can kill people and have done so in other countries.

The good news is that most areas of Arizona do not provide a good environment for murder hornets to thrive. Murder hornets typically inhabit forested areas with a temperate environment. Though some areas of Arizona meet that description, most areas are too hot, too dry or at too high of an elevation to provide a good home for the murder hornet. Phoenix, Scottsdale and the surrounding area is both too hot and too dry for murder hornet infestations to be a concern.

The murder hornet isn’t likely to arrive in Arizona in large numbers. However, Arizona’s cicada killer wasp bears a passing similarity to the murder hornet, including its large size. The cicada killer wasp is rarely aggressive and does not pack the powerful sting of the murder hornet. The cicada killer wasp is native to Arizona but it has been scaring people who spot them since the murder hornets have hit the national news.

Regardless of what insects may be living in the local area, it is always a good idea to protect your home, business, land and other real estate from insect infestation. In addition to painful stings, insects can carry disease, trigger allergies and do damage to buildings. Action Termite and Pest Control has been helping Phoenix area residents to eliminate and deter wasps, bees and other insects for years.

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