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Mosquito Pest Control Phoenix

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Mosquito Pest Control Phoenix

Mosquito Control

The team at Action Termite & Pest Control complete an annual training on mosquito control every year to keep up to date with the latest products and equipment for eliminating mosquitoes in Phoenix and surrounding cities. Over the years we have tested and perfected our approach to getting rid of mosquitoes for local Arizona residents and protecting businesses at commercial properties. Our approach involves using a misting or fogging machine plus mosquito traps to eliminate mosquitoes. When misting or fogging for mosquitoes it allows for a quick knock down so you can get immediate results from mosquito bites. The mosquito traps that are used help eliminate mosquitoes between mosquito services.

Action Termite & Pest Control may also use mosquito dunks and liquid insect Growth Regulators to standing or shallow bodies of water. This method allows you to get rid of the eggs and adult mosquitoes. This method can be applied directly on the water surfaces to kill persistent pests. Due to the insects’ constant migration, mosquitoes will continuously come from different locations to breed; hence, you need to use this method to deal with this menace regularly.

Mosquitoes are generally attracted to breed in an area where there are thick vegetation and stagnant or stored water. Different researchers have come up with several solutions to combat the menace to fight and control mosquitoes effectively. One of the most effective home remedies that have proven efficient is cleaning out all possible breeding grounds, especially stagnant or stored water.

There are several remedies to dealing with mosquitoes, both home remedies, and commercial solutions. This article focuses on some of the methods you may want to consider, especially if you are living in Phoenix, Arizona. The very first action against mosquitoes is applying a mosquito repellent to exposed body parts like the face, legs, and arms.

Mosquitos Phoenix

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There are several pest control companies in Phoenix, Arizona that specialize in the extermination of mosquitoes like we do at Action Termite and Pest Control. This may cost you an extra fee but is probably worth t. These firms work by clearing all the potential breeding spaces that the mosquito frequent. They then proceed to fumigate the entire residence with insecticides to kill all the mosquitoes and their eggs. This method is efficient when the mosquito problem has escalated, and the home remedy measures have been rendered ineffective.

Use mosquito dunks and liquid insect Growth Regulators to over-spray standing or shallow bodies of water. If you live near a water body, for example, a pond or swampy area, you are likely to be fighting mosquitoes for a very long time.

For this method, you may need a collective response from your neighbors to handle the mosquitoes within their breeding grounds. This method allows you to get rid of the eggs and adult mosquitoes. This method can be applied directly on the water surfaces to kill persistent pests. Due to the insects’ constant migration, mosquitoes will continuously come from different locations to breed; hence, you need to use this method to deal with this menace regularly.

Fix any gaps and inlets to prevent Mosquitos

Mosquitoes are known to be active mostly during dusk and dawn; however, it is not strange to find a mosquito flying around your house during the day. To prevent mosquitoes from entering your home, you need to seal up any gaps that mosquitoes frequently use to enter your home. This could include gaps in screens, windows, and doors. It doesn’t make sense to chase the mosquitoes away, only for them to use gaps and cracks within your house to come back in.

Use Mosquito nets

Some people enjoy sleeping with the windows open for fresh air or to control the heat within their residence. Opening your windows during the night is a clear invitation to the mosquitoes. However, you can control and prevent attacks from these mosquitoes by sleeping under a treated mosquito net. This way, you can effectively repel the pests and stay free of their bites. Sleeping under the mosquito net also helps to protect you from other flying insects that could be irritating.

You can decide to set up Mosquito traps

There are several traps that you can set up in your home to control mosquitoes. Some of these you can buy from the drug store or online, and some you can make at home as a home remedy. Some of these home remedies involve using readily available groceries like sugar and garlic and outdoor soaps. The most common homemade recipe involves mixing water, sugar, and active dry yeast. Mosquitoes get attracted to the sugar in the mixture in which they get stuck and drown. You need to change this homemade solution regularly.

Mosquito traps can also be set outside in your yard. Several traps are used in the yard to attract and kill mosquitoes. The traps are designed to cop the visual and stimuli in humans that attract mosquitoes. Some people prefer sticky surfaces, while others opt to install electric grids to electrocute them. The mosquito magnet is also quickly gaining popularity due to its ability to vacuum mosquitoes in the yard. These traps are best placed close to vegetation.

Install Oscillating fans

Mosquitoes find it difficult to fly against the wind. At times all you need is a simple method to deal with the pests. Turn on your fan when relaxing or going to bed. The wind generated by the fan will scatter the mosquito and eventually disappear.

Use essential oils to get rid of mosquitos

These oils have been proven to repel mosquitoes effectively. Experts recommend using essential oils containing lemon, lavender, and eucalyptus to handle the pests effectively. To prepare this, you need to mix a few drops of your essential oil with a cup of water, then pour it into a spray bottle. Shake the bottle well, then spray the mixture on your exposed skin and surfaces around the home except for fragile fabric.

Coconut oil and neem oil for mosquito prevention

When mixed correctly and applied well, a mixture of coconut oil and neem oil can repel mosquitoes for up to half a day. This method is one of the most recommended natural pest control methods against mosquitoes.

Prevention and control are better than cure. Take your time and go through various home remedies and commercial methods that you can employ within your residence to combat these pests effectively.

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