3 Signs You Have a Gopher in Your Yard in Sun City, AZ

When most Sun City, AZ homeowners plant their gardens or finalize their landscaping, their main concerns are water use and deer. Unfortunately, many don’t realize that gophers are very common in the area and can make their garden a regular pit stop (or even a home). If you’ve never dealt with a gopher problem but think you have one, then read through the most common signs below. With these, you’ll be one step closer to getting these rodents out for good.

1. You Have Tree Damage

Since gophers are herbivores, they love plants. Unfortunately, this means they’re more likely to eat away at your trees and vines. This normally begins with the gopher gnawing at the root of the tree, sometimes beneath the surface. Once they weaken the base, they will pull the rest of it down and take it away into their burrow. If you see a lot of chewing marks near the base of your trees where the roots come out, then you very likely have a gopher visiting your yard often.

2. You See Mounds in Your Yard

The mounds leftover from a gopher tunneling into your yard will be in the shape of a crescent, horseshoe, or any other irregular shape. This is caused by the gopher digging and pushing the excess dirt to the surface, which creates an odd shape due to the angle they dig at. Some mounds may be topped with a plug, which is different from a mole mound that wouldn’t have a plug.

3. There are Small Holes Everywhere

While gophers dig deep holes, they are also known for digging small open holes where they will feed on surface vegetation. Some are extremely small, so you may have to do some searching to find these. However, once you learn how to spot them, it will be easy to see where the gopher has been around your yard.

What Do Gophers Look Like?

If you’re like most, you haven’t had much experience with gophers and may not even know what they look like. These small pests have grayish brown fur with small eyes, small ears, and short limbs. In fact, it can be difficult to see their eyes and ears at all at first glance.

Handling a Gopher Problem

If you’re tired of your trees, plants, and garden being eaten by a gopher, then it’s time to call in a professional. At Action Termite Control, help with gopher problems in Sun City, AZ is something we’re glad to provide.

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