Getting Rid of Pests & Termites in the Home

A single cockroach brings out the can of bug spray and for good reason. You don’t want these little creepers reproducing and infesting your home. Instead of going on the defense from these damaging pests, you should take a more offensive approach so that you have fewer issues inside of your home.

Beware of Plants and Mulch

You should trim back trees and shrubbery that starts to touch the home because this creates a type of land bridge for the pests to get in. In addition, pine straw, mulch and wood chips will all give refuge to these unwanted pests. For those who have a pest problem, we almost always recommend replacing the pest-ridden materials and going with less attractive things like rock and stone.

Going through the Doors and Windows

These creatures are small, and they can wiggle through gaps and cracks without much difficulty. You should inspect your windows and doors for a proper fit. If you have a screen on the door or window, you should occasionally examine it for tears and rips to make the necessary repairs. In addition, you should install a screen mesh with at least 200 holes per square inch. Normally, you will find this product in a hardware or home store.

Keep the Garbage and Litter Clear

As a pest control company, we often look for what fed the infestation. Once we find the source of the feeding, we go to work at eliminating the feeding grounds and the entry points. A lot of people underestimate how trash cans and litter becomes a feeding source for these unwelcome guests. We often tell our customers how getting rid of the pests becomes a join effort with pest control because the homeowner will need to take measures to wash up spills and debris that the pests feed upon.

Watch the Sink Drains

Floor and sink drains have become one of the waste disposal options, and they will pile up the gunk and debris after a while. This attracts pests and becomes a breeding site for small flies. You should inspect the drains like in the laundry room, the tub, the basement and the sink to avoid trouble later.

Here at Action Termite Control, we emphasize to our customers the importance of keeping a clean home. It will attract fewer pests because they have less feeding sources and breeding grounds. A pest control company becomes a good idea once the problem has escalated to a full blown infestation.

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