Does my whole house need to be treated? I’ve been told that a partial treatment will be much cheaper.

“Spot” or partial treatments for termites can be very attractive because of their lower cost. Whether this is a good idea depends on many factors including future plans for the house, your willingness to take risks and the size of your pocketbook. Spot treatments can be done successfully; however, it’s important to know that termites frequently enter structures at points far removed from the site where they are discovered. Spot treatments frequently come with limited warranties or no warranty at all, which may require you to pay for additional treatments should termites reappear in another part of your home. Compared to spot treatments with a limited warranty, a complete treatment may be a better value. New home buyers, in particular, should be wary of purchasing a home that has recently been spot-treated for termites. A few termiticides on the market use a form of treatment that involves “perimeter only” applications, or perimeter treatments plus spot treatments at suspected activity points inside the structure. Perimeter-only applications should only be done using non-repellent termiticides and only when the label specifically permits this use.

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