Could Termites Be The Cause Of Your Allergies In Phoenix, AZ?

If you suffer from chronic allergy symptoms like watery eyes, a stuffy nose and sore throat, then it may be related to termites in your home. Everyone knows that termites can cause major structural damage to your property, but these pests can cause health issues for you and your loved ones too.

The Side Effects Of A Termite Infestation In Your Home

Although a single termite may appear to be harmless, a termite nest is a much different story. Termite nests create debris and dust that can cause asthma symptoms and allergies in your household. Your home’s HVAC system can make it worse by circulating the insect detritus and saliva into each room. Another major problem that can be caused by termites is the spread of mold spores into your property. The mold is released as the termite colony consumes wood, thus creating an unhealthy environment in the home.

Restore Your Home’s Health With These Steps

If you have poor indoor air quality due to termites, then there are proactive things you can do. It’s important to change your HVAC air filters regularly, and you may consider buying an air purifier. Regular deep cleaning and vacuuming are also essential to keep termite debris from making you ill.

However, until you have a professional termite exterminator come and remove the offending insects, your problems won’t be solved. Removing the termite colony will allow you and your family peace of mind knowing your air is healthy again, and that your property will remain structurally sound. It’s important to have the termites removed as soon as possible to keep any allergy or asthma symptoms from getting worse.

When you’re ready for a clean and healthy home, then contact us for superior termite extermination in Phoenix, AZ. We’re experts when it comes to removing termites for good at a budget-friendly price.

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