3 Important Things You Need to Know About Pigeon Control in Phoenix AZ

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Pigeons invade others’ homes. Unneeded voids, sloping rest areas, and free for all landing devices invites the bird to roost where unwelcomed. 1. Habitats and Habits Spilling food or torn trash bags beckon pigeons to binge and set up to roost. Tempting a pigeon with voids, enclosed areas, and steeples invite them to stay and

How Termite Companies in Phoenix Use Baiting Techniques

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Termite Companies in Phoenix In the past, the primary method of controlling termites has been the application of termiticide to the soil. Though this method has been effective, some termites have been able to escape. With this in mind, most companies have designed new ways of controlling these pests, as a way of minimizing the

How Do Termites Effect the Value of Your Home in Phoenix?

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Your home is not only where you hang your hat. It is also one of your biggest assets. It is a reliable inflation hedge and the expectation is that it will become more valuable over time. Termites have a completely different plan for your property. They are destructive by nature and, if left unchecked, can