Termite Prevention

3 Ways to Combat Termites During the Hot Summer Months in Phoenix, Arizona

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With termite season in full-swing, it's important to know how to effectively combat termites during the sweltering summer months in Arizona. The desert heat provides prime conditions for swarming season to begin, and although it's hot and dry outside any source of moisture near your house can invite searching termites to begin their new colonies

How to Prevent Termites in Phoenix Arizona

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Is it that time of the year again when termites seem to take control of your home? We are all aware of the nuisance that comes with a termites-infested home. You should conduct a termite inspection with our experienced termite experts and get a termite eradication procedure in your home every once in a while.

3 Tips to Prevent Termites When Using Garden Mulch in Arizona

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If you're into gardening, then you already know how great mulch is for plants, shrubs and trees in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area. Mulch traps moisture to help plants thrive. Unfortunately, the moisture also makes it easier for termites to tunnel through. By following these tips from the University of Florida, you can prevent termites

4 Ways to Avoid Termites Entering Your Home in Peoria AZ

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As we have written about before, termites thrive in moisture-dense environments. The outside of you home is obviously susceptible to moisture as it is regularly exposed to the elements, but the real risk of termite exposure is when outer moisture seeps inside the home. In order to prevent a termite infestation, Action Termite and Pest

10 Termite Prevention Tips for Homes in the Phoenix Metro Area

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The best way to stop termites in their tracks is to follow a few common-sense prevention measures. However, if you suspect you have a termite infestation, do not hesitate to call a professional for a qualified termite inspection and termite treatment. Follow these simple Phoenix termite prevention steps to protect your home now. 1. Seal