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Post-Monsoon Season Termite Inspections in Arizona

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Termites can live in nearly any environment, except extreme cold. You might think that states like Arizona that have desert climates wouldn’t have a termite problem, but you’d be wrong. Right after the monsoon rains are the perfect time to start checking for termites. An adult female termite can lay as many as 30,000 eggs,

3 Benefits of Using Termite Inspection Services in Phoenix AZ

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It is incredibly important that you utilize good pest control services in your Arizona home. Pest control spans much wider than just the typical rodent, flea, ant and spider issues. Termites can cause an extensive amount of damage to your home if you don’t catch them in time. The foundation can be compromised and you

Rainy Season In Phoenix Arizona Also Means Termite Season

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Most people associate monsoon rains with India or exotic locations in the Far East, but the state of Arizona has its own monsoon season in July and August. If you live in Arizona you already know that. Another thing Arizonans might know is that, along with the monsoons, there comes a more sinister cycle --

Is Your Phoenix Home Protected From Termites?

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What most homeowners and residents of the Phoenix, Arizona area fail to realize, is that the surrounding deserts are absolutely filled with termites, especially during peak season from March to November. During peak termite season, or even during the winter months, termites can do significant damage to any wood structure or home. What Experts Recommend

How Often To Check For Termites in AZ

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Termites in AZ Creepy, crawly, wood-eating, house-destroying pests. That's right, I'm talking about termites. If you've just moved to the Phoenix area, your home purchase may have come with pest control already done. But if you aren't sure if or when your home was treated for an active infestation or prevention, then it could be