Termite Inspection

Why You Should Get A Termite Inspection In Phoenix, AZ

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When you own a home, there are plenty of maintenance issues to worry about. Between taking care of the roof, clearing the drains and power washing the exterior, thinking about termites in your Phoenix, AZ, home may be the last thing you want to deal with. Maybe you’ve seen and heard the telltale signs of

What You Can Expect from a Termite Inspection

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Spring is just around the corner. While that means sunshine, nicer weather, and more time outside for people in the Phoenix area, the change in season also is a time when termites become more active. Homeowners need to continue to remain vigilant to ensure that their home doesn't become overrun with these pests. If a

Why You Should Let Professionals Handle Your Termite Infestation in Sun City, AZ

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The warmer weather brings more than just sunshine, suntans, and outdoor activities for homeowners in the Sun City, AZ area. This amazing springtime climate is also a prime time for termites to infest your property. It's not a fun thought but hundreds of homeowners throughout the state each year encounter this problem. In this article,

Top 4 Mistakes All Homeowners Should Avoid to Keep Termites Away

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Springtime has finally arrived. While that means nicer weather for you, it also means more potential for a termite infestation. Yikes! That's not something you want to worry about during these warmer months. Unfortunately, you might be doing a few things right now that increase the likelihood of having a problem with these pests. Let's

Spring Cleaning In Mesa AZ? Add Termite Extermination To Your List

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Spring is a great time to give your home a good cleaning, both inside and out. Cleaning and organizing is a perfect way to prepare for the warm days coming in Mesa AZ. You may not realize it, but termites love a messy environment. Here’s how you can combat a termite infestation in your home.