Termite Inspection

Sneaky Termites: Why Professional Inspections and Treatment is Important

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If you suspect you have termites in your home in Scottsdale, AZ, you can find a wide variety of guides online to tell you how to find them. However, this does leave room for error. If you're not trained with what to look for, you could miss critical signs that termites have invaded. This could

How to Identify and Control Termites in Tucson, AZ

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If termite damage doesn't worry you, it should. Every year these little pests gnaw through the structures of homes and cause billions of dollars in damage. You should know how to identify them and protect your property from these little vermin. The first step to termite prevention comes down to awareness of them. Termites on

I Just Found Termites in my Yard. Does My House Need to be Treated?

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Not necessarily. In Arizona, termites abound in the soil wherever wood is to be found. Most yards, especially those in older, established neighborhoods, support termites. While termites are more abundant in some locations, chances are good that your yard has termites. Finding termites in a fence or woodpile, or in landscape timbers, does not necessarily

Do I Have Termites?

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If you see swarms of insects that look like ants with wings hovering around your house, you probably will ask yourself, "Do I have termites?" For the sake of protecting your most valuable asset (your home), you should make sure to contact a professional who can answer that question for you. Termites literally eat away

Inspecting for Termites in Your Home

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There are many reasons why you might suspect that you have termites – or might need confirmation that you do not. Perhaps you have noticed swarms of flying ant-looking bugs around your house. Maybe you've noticed areas of your house where the wood appears to have been eaten away. Maybe you are planning to put