Termite Inspection

Is Your Phoenix Home Protected From Termites?

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What most homeowners and residents of the Phoenix, Arizona area fail to realize, is that the surrounding deserts are absolutely filled with termites, especially during peak season from March to November. During peak termite season, or even during the winter months, termites can do significant damage to any wood structure or home. What Experts Recommend

How Often To Check For Termites in AZ

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Termites in AZ Creepy, crawly, wood-eating, house-destroying pests. That's right, I'm talking about termites. If you've just moved to the Phoenix area, your home purchase may have come with pest control already done. But if you aren't sure if or when your home was treated for an active infestation or prevention, then it could be

3 Ways to Check For Termites before Purchasing a New Home in Phoenix

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Shopping around for a new place to live means that you'll get to check out open houses, see places that you've always dreamed of and eventually move into your vision of perfection. Along the way, getting swept up in the spacious rooms and yards of homes in Phoenix is easy, but you also want to

Sneaky Termites: Why Professional Inspections and Treatment is Important

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If you suspect you have termites in your home in Scottsdale, AZ, you can find a wide variety of guides online to tell you how to find them. However, this does leave room for error. If you're not trained with what to look for, you could miss critical signs that termites have invaded. This could

How to Identify and Control Termites in Tucson, AZ

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If termite damage doesn't worry you, it should. Every year these little pests gnaw through the structures of homes and cause billions of dollars in damage. You should know how to identify them and protect your property from these little vermin. The first step to termite prevention comes down to awareness of them. Termites on