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Say Goodbye To Your Termite Infestation in Arizona For Good

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Termite Infestation in Arizona How's it going readers? I'm here to help you say "goodbye" to your termite problems forever! We've all been there before: We're at home, minding our own business, when all of a sudden we look around and notice a termite infestation in Arizona! Here are three ways to end your pesky

How to Tell if You Have a Termite Infestation in Phoenix, AZ

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Termites are one pest that can literally destroy your home, business or surrounding structures. Unfortunately, because of the dry heat, Arizona is a target spot for most termite infestations, as they love the hot wood that is found all throughout the desert area. However, it can often be difficult to tell if you have a

How Do Homes In Phoenix Arizona Get Termites?

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Termites in Phoenix, Arizona Learning why termites are attracted to specific construction models may help you avoid future damage. Knowing where possible access locations are can aid you to engage in preventative measures, and understanding where these points are gives you areas to focus your attention on. Like all living things, to survive termites need

2 Signs Your Phoenix Home is Infested with Drywood Termites

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When you live in the desert climate surrounding Phoenix, a drywood termite infestation is always a possibility. However, since they live deep within the wooden structures of your home, you may not even know they are there unless you look for the following subtle signs that your house is infested with drywood termites. 1. Winged

3 Interesting Facts About the Subterranean Desert Termite

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Arizona has its fair share of termites, but one of the most abundant types is the Subterranean Desert Termite(Gnatham¬itermes tubiformans). These pesky termites do well in the wild because they are able to survive in hot, arid conditions, hence the name desert. Desert termites are very annoying once they invade your home or business, but that doesn't