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3 Differences Between Winged Termites and Winged Ants in Phoenix

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Suddenly your yard or porch is covered in winged insects. They do not seem to fly very well, crashing into objects and not getting very far. They are here one day and gone the next. These are breeders looking to soon shed their wings and set up new colonies. Could they be merely ants or

4 Most Common Types of Termites in Arizona

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It’s important to correctly identify the species of termite attacking your home, in order to determine the right treatment. Let’s take a look at the four main species of termites native to Arizona. Desert Subterranean Termites The Desert subterranean termite inhabit the deserts of southern Arizona, reaching into Lower Baja California. They live inside desert

How Water From An Air Conditioning System Can Attract Termites in Phoenix

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Many homeowners may not realize that the water in the drain pan and the water from the drain hose for an air conditioning system could attract termites. There is usually some moist soil that is near the end of the drain hose. Termites are attracted to moist soil and to water, such as the water

Don’t Be Surprised by Termites in Surprise, Arizona

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Termites are among the smallest pests out there, and yet they can cause some of the biggest damage to your home. As such, you need to be prepared and have a proactive approach to keeping termites out of your home in the first place. This will prevent thousands of dollars of potential damage to your

Rainy Season In Phoenix Arizona Also Means Termite Season

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Most people associate monsoon rains with India or exotic locations in the Far East, but the state of Arizona has its own monsoon season in July and August. If you live in Arizona you already know that. Another thing Arizonans might know is that, along with the monsoons, there comes a more sinister cycle --