Termite Damage

Arizona Termites That Do The Most Damage

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All termites are destructive, but certain species can be cause more damage than others. There are many different species of termites indigenous to Arizona, but certain species of Arizona termites inflict the most damage, costing homeowners a lot of money in repair costs each year. Among these particularly destructive species are the Desert Subterranean termite and the

Signs Of Termite Damage

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The damage and destruction that termites can cause is quite extensive. In most homes, a termite colony may exist long before any outward signs of infestation appear in your home, and being aware of the many signs of an infestation can ensure prompt treatment and cut down on termite damage costs. The bottom line is

Termite Damage Repair Is Costly

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Repairing the damage inflicted by a termite infestation can be very costly. Termite damage is a serious problem for homeowners in Arizona. Termites can cause structural damage to a home that can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair. In most cases, damage by termites is not covered by standard homeowners' insurance policies –

Termite Structural Damage Can Be Costly

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Termites are destructive little pests most commonly found in the Southern part of the United States. Termites feed on cellulose in wood and other plant-based materials, such as cardboard and newspaper, located in home. Because they eat the wood that makes up your home, termites cause serious structural damage that can cost thousands of dollars