Termite Damage

How Drywood Termites and Subdermal Termites Can Damage Your Arizona Home

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Although everyone has heard of "termites" as these tiny bugs that eat away at the wooden foundation of your home, have you ever stopped and considered how quickly termites can cause damage to your home? To answer this question, it's important to consider that not all termites are the same, and they can be categorized

How Do Termites Effect the Value of Your Home in Phoenix?

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Your home is not only where you hang your hat. It is also one of your biggest assets. It is a reliable inflation hedge and the expectation is that it will become more valuable over time. Termites have a completely different plan for your property. They are destructive by nature and, if left unchecked, can

5 Facts You May Not Know About Arizona Termites

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Termite destruction is one of the most common problems regarding pest infestations in homes throughout Arizona, but here are a few things you may or may not know about these pesky critters: 1. Termites cause more damage to homes and property throughout the United States than fires, earthquakes, or tornadoes combined. According to the U.S. Department

Termites: Challenging to Detect Early

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Have you ever wondered why detecting termite activity in your home as soon as possible matters so much? Although termites cause literally millions of dollars in real estate losses every year, these insects largely avoid direct contact with humans. People frequently notice the devastating effects of termite damage before they identify termite colonies. Hidden From

Spotting Termite Damage Signs in Your Home

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There is almost nothing as terrifying as the fear that you have a termite infestation in your home. With termites racking up damage costs in the billions every single year in America; it’s no wonder that homeowners are so frightened by these tiny insects. Here is a quick guide to help you recognize termite damage