Termite Damage

What to Look for when Hiring a Termite Inspector in Peoria, AZ

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Termites are pretty nasty insects that can cause extensive damage to your house. They tend to dominate temperate regions, such as Peoria, AZ and surrounding cities in Arizona. The quickly approaching summer season should prompt you to take the appropriate measures targeting controlling termites in your compound. One such step you can take is considering

How to Identify the Presence of Termites in Homes at Sun City AZ

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Spring is here. With good weather, there is a lot of time to have fun. The last thing you will want to stress yourself about is termites. In this swarming season, termites are expected to be very active. Now, how can you determine that termites have invaded your home? We have you covered. Clicking sounds

Why Termites Are So Bad for Homeowners in Mesa, AZ

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No homeowners in Mesa, AZ would say that having termites is a good thing. However, many might not know the extent to which these pests can cause harm. While people generally understand that common pests like rats and mice can cause significant damage, not much is known about why termites are so bad. Here, we'll

4 Termite Control Tips for Homes in Glendale AZ

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Most of us have precious wood structures that we would like to protect from termites. Termites can also be a danger to food in stores and cardboard around the house. Fortunately, there are plenty of DIY termite control measures that homeowners can take to protect their structures. For people in Glendale, AZ, here are a

Tips on Landscaping Arizona Yards to Prevent Termites

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Termites need two things to survive: food and water. To keep termites away from a home, business or other property it is important to keep the surrounding area free of excess water. The installation of new landscaping needs to be completed in a manner that will reduce moisture around a home. A few simple steps