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Suspect a Problem With Bed Bugs?

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All across America, bed bug infestations have caused frustration and fear in the hearts of millions of people for several years now. Treating bed bugs is not easy. They hide very well and do not respond to normal pesticides. Their bite also causes dismay for many victims who feel the effects of the toxin that

Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation in Scottsdale

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Although a bed bug infestation can be embarrassing, Scottsdale homeowners should not delay the call to a pest control company if they suspect an infestation with this pest. Bed bugs are a nuisance if they make it inside your home. They do not carry disease, however, many people experience an allergic reaction to their bites.

Most Common Pests in Phoenix (We Can Get Rid of For You)

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Pesky pests patrol homes searching for things we all want, like food, comfort, and warmth. Sadly, pests are unwelcome guests that carry disease and otherwise threaten the well-being of our families and we want them gone NOW. Professional pest control services reduce pests in your home. Phoenix residents may find numerous types of pests in

3 Big Reasons Why Scorpions Come Into Your Phoenix, AZ Home

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In Phoenix, one of the biggest problems homeowners have is with scorpions. They can hide in small areas, easily sneak in through doors, and strike you when you least expect it. While there's no way to eradicate scorpions completely, our team at Action Termite Control can help keep them away from the interior of your

How to Keep Cockroaches Out of Your Glendale, AZ Home

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Owning a home in Glendale, Arizona comes with joy as a result of moderate climate in the region. Nevertheless, most pests that can bring disturbing damage to your home like the warmer weather as well. Some pests can come throughout the year, but the warm weather in Glendale, Arizona makes several of them mainly harmful