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5 Tips to Keep Your Home Rodent-Free in Phoenix

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There is nothing quite as jarring as finding out you have rodents in your home. If you see one rodent, there may be more hidden away. It is true that rodents can multiply very quickly in your home if they have offspring. To avoid a rodent infestation, it is very important to follow the below

3 Reasons Roaches Infest Your Clean Phoenix House

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Have you been struggling with cockroaches in your Phoenix, AZ home? Would you like to know what causes a roach infestation even if your house is clean? If you're like everyone else you don't want to see these pests in your home. Have you tried keeping your house spotless, keeping your food sealed in containers

How to Get Rid of Scorpions in Your Phoenix Home or Business

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Scorpion Pest Control Phoenix Scorpions are among some of the most feared pests in the United States. There are many different types of scorpions, but in Phoenix, Arizona, the bark scorpion is the common culprit inside of the homes. To make matters worse, the bark scorpion is the most poisonous scorpion in North America and

Attention Phoenix Residents: Signs You’ve Got a Cockroach Problem

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Cockroach Pest Control Phoenix With the high heat that the weather in Phoenix, AZ can bring, it's easy to see why pests and insects can seek relief inside of your home. While some pests are easy to identify, others, such as cockroaches, can be difficult to find. If you suspect these might be crawling around

Protect Your Home From an Ant Infestation in Phoenix, AZ

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Finding ants in your Phoenix, AZ home can be disheartening, especially when you find large amounts that seemingly never end. While you can follow a line of ants to find out where they're coming from, what if they're scattered everywhere? Whether your ant issue is straight-forward or more of a mystery, below you'll find some