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4 Reasons Bed Bugs in Phoenix Are Not a DIY Situation

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The thought of tiny bugs crawling on you and munching on your skin in your sleep is probably horrifying. In fact, if you realize that you have these critters in your sheets, your first inclination is to probably start spraying products and tossing your items in the dryer. However, getting rid of bed bugs is

Can You Use Soap as a Mouse Repellent in Phoenix?

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There is a common belief among homeowners in Phoenix and elsewhere throughout the state that soap acts as a deterrent to mice and other rodents. This belief is not exclusive to Arizona, and you can find numerous do-it-yourself guides online that mention this as a technique. With that in mind, we wanted to take this

How To Assess Your Hotel Room For Bed Bugs in Phoenix AZ

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The travelling season is here, and this may mean staying in a hotel or visiting relatives. Did you know that travelers are the main carrier of bed bugs in Phoenix AZ? They stow away in a suitcase or purse and show up hundreds of miles from where they started. When you visit out of town,

How to Know You Have a Real Bed Bug Infestation in Phoenix

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With the many types of small beetles and similar bugs that exist in the world, it's always possible to jump to the wrong conclusion. You may have spotted a tiny, brown beetle-like bug scurrying across the carpet in your room and are now fearing the worse. Thankfully, there are sure signs to look for in

4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Handle Pest Control Yourself in Phoenix Arizona

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DIY pest control may seem like a good idea, but this option can sometimes be problematic. In addition to not getting rid of all your pests, the DIY method could put both you and your property in danger. Here are four of the main reasons why you should avoid DIY pest control in Phoenix AZ.