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How to Choose the Best Termite Treatment Solution

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Termite infestation in your home can be a real nuisance. That’s why it is important to conduct a termite inspection at your home every year. A regular termite inspection will help in identifying the sources and conduct initiate the extermination process. Besides that choosing, the right termite treatment solution plays a big role in determining

6 Types Of Pests Than Can Wreak Havoc in Phoenix AZ

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Pests, nobody wants them and nobody likes them. However, did you know that many pests can cause serious issues? Because of this, it's important to recognize a few of the worst pests in Phoenix, Arizona. 1. Scorpions Scorpions are one of the most common pests throughout the Phoenix area. Specifically, bark scorpions can cause severe

3 Tips for Identifying and Addressing a Gopher Problem in Mesa, AZ

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When you think of pests in Mesa, AZ, chances are scorpions, spiders, and cockroaches come to mind. However, an increasing number of residents have been bothered by gophers that cause destruction and stress. If you think you have gophers but aren't sure, then keep the signs below in mind. By keeping a close eye on

4 Ways to Keep Roof Rats out of Your Pool in Phoenix AZ

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Roof rats have become a major problem for residents in Phoenix, AZ, including those who have pools. Many homeowners walk outside only to find these rodents at the bottom of their pool. If this is a problem that you're dealing with, there are solutions you can turn to. Those listed below are some of the

Everything You Need to Know About Carpenter Ant Infestations in AZ

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For people who own homes in the Phoenix area of Arizona, there are always a wide variety of bugs that can become problematic in and around the home. Some of the more difficult insects that can become an infestation problem in your home are carpenter ants. Arizona has a wide variety of ant populations that