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Arizona Bed Bug Infestation Requires Professional Help

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People cringe when someone mentions bed bugs. These pests are definitely one of the most uncomfortable situations a family can face in Arizona, as well as any other state. Bed bugs are known to live in the crevices of mattresses and come out at night to feast on the people slumbering in the bed. As

Do You Smell A Rat? Learn How to Get Rid of Scottsdale Roof Rats

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Rats are common pests throughout the world. There are many species in the genus Rattus, but the main species that causes problems for Scottsdale, Arizona residents is Rattus rattus, or the roof rat. Roof rats will cause serious damage to your home. In their constant search for food and water, they can: Chew through wires,

Why You Should Have Year Round Pest Control Service in Phoenix AZ

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Pests Are Active All Year Round Everyone knows that mammals prefer to stay indoors during the cold winter months. Bears stock up on food and hibernate, while humans remain in their houses for the whole season. However, most people do not know what happens to the smaller pests or assume that they are killed by

Pesky Pigeons: Four Ways Pest Control Can Improve Your Quality of Life

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Many people only encounter pigeons in large open spaces, like parks or parking lots. They are known to be intelligent and friendly, and you may enjoy feeding them or watching their mid-air acrobatics. If you live in an apartment building or other high rise, however, you may also know pigeons as windowsill or balcony dwellers

5 Arizona Pests You Should Know About

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The unique climate of Phoenix makes for a rich diversity of animal life that is not found in other parts of the country. Unfortunately, this diversity extends to pests that invade homes and businesses. Here are a few that you should be looking for. 1. American Dog Tick These tiny pests are eight-legged arachnids that