Everything You Need to Know About Carpenter Ant Infestations in AZ

For people who own homes in the Phoenix area of Arizona, there are always a wide variety of bugs that can become problematic in and around the home. Some of the more difficult insects that can become an infestation problem in your home are carpenter ants. Arizona has a wide variety of ant populations that inhabit the area, and large colonies of any ant population can become problematic for a homeowner.

However, when it comes to long-term infestations, carpenter ants can be especially problematic. Like termites, carpenter ants can cause extensive damage to the wood and structure of your home. If left unattended, they can cause thousands of dollars in damage to walls and structural support beams which can compromise the structure’s integrity.

Carpenter ants were given their name because they love to burrow in wood. However, carpenter ants do not eat wood; they simply burrow through the wood to make their nests. They are often seen at night, but they may be seen foraging for food in the daylight hours as well. Since ants work as a community, typically if you see a few of them around, there is usually a large carpenter ant nest nearby.

The carpenter ant is larger than many of the other ant species and are solid black making them easier to identify. In most cases, they cannot be eradicated simply by placing traps around the home unless they have not yet created a nest. Once a nest has been created, pest treatment by a professional is usually your only option to ensure they are eradicated. It is important to note that the carpenter ant has a varied diet and will feed on human food. If you have noticed that you have a dozen or so large black ants hanging around your home, there is a strong likelihood that you have an active carpenter ant infestation problem.

It is important to ensure that you are proactive in not helping to create areas these ants will be inclined to nest in. Carpenter ants love moist and rotting wood. If you have cut down a tree in your yard, make sure you don’t leave parts of it near the home where ants can nest. Old trees, logs, and woodpiles are a great place for them to build a nest and enter the home in search of food. Once they have entered the home and they find a food source, they will likely build larger nests inside your walls.

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