Protect Your Arizona Basement From an Infestation

Whether your Arizona property is commercial or residential, there are some things that you should know about basements in a climate like this one. While the weather outside may be high both in temperature and humidity, basements are a cool and damp place where pests like to gather. Keep reading to find out all you

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Whats Eating Your Cereal? Pantry Pests in Phoenix, AZ

Have you ever wondered if you weren't the only one enjoying your cereal each morning? Worried about keeping pests away from your Christmas cookies this holiday season? Pantry pests, more eloquently known as "stored product pests", may be indulging in these household staples under your very nose. The most common pantry pests in the Phoenix

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Will murder hornets come to Arizona?

The murder hornet is more properly known as the Asian Giant Hornet. Regardless of its name, the murder hornet the latest insect to capture the public’s imagination. Though it has a terrifying nickname, the murder hornet gets its name from its ability to kill other bees and not from killing humans. The murder hornet is

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Suspect a Problem With Bed Bugs?

All across America, bed bug infestations have caused frustration and fear in the hearts of millions of people for several years now. Treating bed bugs is not easy. They hide very well and do not respond to normal pesticides. Their bite also causes dismay for many victims who feel the effects of the toxin that

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Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation in Scottsdale

Although a bed bug infestation can be embarrassing, Scottsdale homeowners should not delay the call to a pest control company if they suspect an infestation with this pest. Bed bugs are a nuisance if they make it inside your home. They do not carry disease, however, many people experience an allergic reaction to their bites.

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