How to Get Rid of Roaches in Sun City

Imagine welcoming a colleague at work who is visiting your apartment for the first time, and at the very entrance, a cockroach makes its way past the living room, embarrassing, right?. And most times, roaches can be stubborn to DIY methods, and professional insights maybe a good idea. This article will tackle the conditions that

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Summer’s Biggest Pest Problems in Arizona

If you own a home in Arizona, you get to enjoy some of the most temperate climate available. However, many pests that can cause a disruptive infestation in your home also like the warmer weather. There are some pests that can come all year long, but the dry heat in Arizona makes some of them

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2 Tips for Making Your Home’s Exterior Less Attractive to Scorpions in Phoenix, AZ

While there are several varieties of scorpions in the Phoenix, AZ, area, one that stands out is the bark scorpion. Since they can not only climb up the walls of your house, members of this species also have an extremely painful bite that causes numbness. To keep these nasty scorpions away from your house, use

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3 Overlooked Ways That Roaches Sneak Into Your Home

Living with roaches is a nightmare. You’re always fearful that they’ll crawl on you, get into your food, or surprise you when you least expect to see them. These nasty critters take a serious toll on your mental health. Your house is clean, but somehow, these pesky roaches are still finding their way in. You

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