The Necessity of Pest Control for Your Phoenix Small Business

Pest control is a term often not associated with the industry of transportation services, commercial business, or any type of small and medium sized business that might have a fleet of vehicles. However, whether you own a limousine company, home contracting business like plumbing, or operate a fleet of public buses, understanding the problems pests

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How to Keep Mice & Roof Rats Out of Your Home

You may think you have your rodent problem under control thanks to the traps and bait you've left out, but your job is far from over. If mice have gotten into your home once before, they can easily get in again. You need to mouse-proof your house if you really want to stay rodent-free. Here

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The black widow spider is identifiable by its shiny black body and red marking on its belly. This breed of spider is dangerous and in some cases, fatal. Well-known in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding cities, the black widow is something to fear. Although an unfortunate encounter with this species could result in a painful bite, these small,

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Getting Rid of Pests & Termites in the Home

A single cockroach brings out the can of bug spray and for good reason. You don't want these little creepers reproducing and infesting your home. Instead of going on the defense from these damaging pests, you should take a more offensive approach so that you have fewer issues inside of your home. Beware of Plants

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