How to Eliminate Swarming Termites all Year Long

It is common knowledge that termites will usually swarm all through the rainy season in Arizona. They are aggressive tiny pests that can cause much damage to any building. They can be eliminated with quality termite control services in place. Termites tend to swarm at night from July through September as the season of rain

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3 Termite Control Tips For Fast And Reliable Removal in Phoenix

A termite outbreak can be a frustrating experience in your house. Are you concerned that a termite infestation might occur in your house? A pest control professional is always the ideal way to get rid of termites for good. Why Hiring A Pro Isn't A Bad Idea For Termite Issues Doing it yourself methods are mostly inefficient

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5 Things to Expect with a Termite Inspection in Phoenix AZ

In Arizona, it's recommended to have a termite inspection every year to make sure your home isn't dealing with a hidden infestation. This can give you peace of mind while also helping to ensure you aren't surprised by termite damage down the road. At Action Termite Control, this is a service that we are proud

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3 Tips to Prevent Termites When Using Garden Mulch in Arizona

If you're into gardening, then you already know how great mulch is for plants, shrubs and trees in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area. Mulch traps moisture to help plants thrive. Unfortunately, the moisture also makes it easier for termites to tunnel through. By following these tips from the University of Florida, you can prevent termites

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3 Differences Between Winged Termites and Winged Ants in Phoenix

Suddenly your yard or porch is covered in winged insects. They do not seem to fly very well, crashing into objects and not getting very far. They are here one day and gone the next. These are breeders looking to soon shed their wings and set up new colonies. Could they be merely ants or

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