6 Most Common Winter Pests

Pests tend to be seasonal creatures, moving in and out of a home depending on the climate of an area. Animals, especially pests, tend to seek warmth and shelter during the chilly months of winter. Do you worry about pests migrating into your home during the winter season? Here are some common pests to look out for during wintertime.

1. Mice and rats. Rodents are particularly talented at finding small entryways into a home. A mouse or a rat can become quite a nuisance once it settles into your home, gnawing furniture, making squeaking noises, and leaving droppings all over the house. Seal up air vents, pipes, rooftop tiles, and other openings for rodents. Store food and garbage in airtight containers.

2. Cockroaches. These bugs like to enter homes in search of food. Cockroaches are particularly attracted to moisturized environments. They typically will enter through busted or leaky pipes and gutters.

3. Spiders. These insects prefer to stay in well-hidden areas. Spiders usually infest a home to feed on other insects, so be sure to keep out other creatures.

4. Squirrels. These cute little creatures also count as a pest during wintertime. Squirrels like to visit rooftops, chimneys, and attics for nesting purposes. Sometimes squirrels will use rotted wood, pipes, or utilities as entry points.

5. Birds. As a pest, birds tend to be noisy through their chirps. Chimneys are a popular destination for birds to hide in during the winter. If you own a chimney cap, use it to seal up the opening. Check the nearby trees for signs of nesting.

6. Racoons. These cat-like animals are usually found in wooded areas. They like to create dens inside of attics and chimneys during the winter. In order to avoid a raccoon invasion, seal your trash cans in enclosed areas like the garage or shed. The smell of garbage can be a source to draw raccoons out of the wild and into your home. Also be sure to inspect your house for entry points, like a crack in the roof.

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