How To Thwart Bees During Summer In Mesa, AZ

When summer is in full swing, bees are sure to lurk. Like humans, bees are also impacted by the heat and will look for ways to stay cool during the summer. One of those ways is by trying to get inside your home. If you’ve got an issue with bees, we’ve got some tips.

A Couple Of Sprays Keeps Bees Away

One may be surprised at the effectiveness of mixing water and vinegar when it comes to getting rid of bees. Be sure to add equal amounts of water and vinegar, and shake well. Not only will this aid in keeping bees from hovering around but it’s also effective enough to kill the pests on contact. Be on the lookout for dead bees as you may have to do some cleanup with this trick.

Set A Trap

Setting a trap can also be effective in containing your bee infestation problem. If you have an empty 2-liter bottle, scissors, and a stapler you are set to start your trap. You can start by cutting the bottle roughly five inches from the top. What you’ll want to do next is flip the piece you cut off and staple it into the other half of the bottle. Place sugar and water inside the bottle to lure those bees.

Plants That Repel Bees

Some plants are powerful enough to keep those pesky bees at bay. One is eucalyptus, which has a strong scent that’ll send bees in the opposite direction. If you are able to evenly distribute the plants, it can even keep wasps away as well. As far as effectiveness is concerned, you may want to fill up that garden for the best results.

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