How to Know You Have a Real Bed Bug Infestation in Phoenix

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How to Know You Have a Real Bed Bug Infestation in Phoenix

Arizona's Experts Since 1969

With the many types of small beetles and similar bugs that exist in the world, it’s always possible to jump to the wrong conclusion. You may have spotted a tiny, brown beetle-like bug scurrying across the carpet in your room and are now fearing the worse. Thankfully, there are sure signs to look for in bed bugs in Phoenix and ways you can distinguish if what you have seen is a real one or just a false alarm. Getting bites checked by a healthcare professional in Phoenix may not be a 100% accurate way to determine what exactly has bit you, since bed bugs are not poisonous and their bites would be difficult for doctors to distinguish without a sample.

A good first step to trying to determine if you are dealing with genuine bed bugs is to perform a visual inspection around the bed. If you are not able to see any bugs visually through this methods, then there are other methods you can literally install. Active monitors and interception devices can work to detect bed bug infestations, when installed around the feet of beds and around sofas. Interceptors will trap any bed bugs that are traveling to and from beds and/or other furniture like couches. You can place these around your bed for a few weeks to monitor any activity. Naturally, this is just one thing that can be done, but it won’t be favored by everyone. Not all homeowners want to sleep with potential bed bugs for weeks and would much rather just seek professional assistance in figuring out the issue.

One of the initial signs you would likely be experiencing if you have bed bugs would be bites occurring in your sleep. If you are waking up with signs of bites on your body that weren’t there before you went to bed that night, that can be one of the signs of a bed bug infestation. Again, that is not the only sign and one should not jump to the immediate conclusion that bed bugs are the culprit of these mystery bites. The number one best way to determine if what you are dealing with is a real bed bug or not is to capture a specimen. Once the living (or dead) bug that you believe is a bed bug has been captured, you can take it to be evaluated by a Phoenix pest control professional. On the other hand, if you are not able to find and capture a bug or would just prefer an expert to come out and inspect the afflicted area, that is also an option.

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