3 Tips on Dealing With Bed Bugs in the Spring in Phoenix AZ

Spring is the time when people start traveling throughout Arizona and to other states. Whether you are planning a weekend excursion or a longer trip, bed bugs in Phoenix AZ are a serious concern. In fact, a significant number of infestations in area homes are caused by bed bugs catching a ride.

1. How Do Bed Bugs Catch a Ride?

Bed bugs cannot fly but that does not mean that they cannot travel long distances. They find themselves into suitcases, various containers and even unworn shoes! They are also incredibly durable and can survive seemingly inhospitable conditions as long as those environments are relatively temporary.

Despite the name, bed bugs do not just live in mattresses. They also live behind baseboards, electrical outlet covers, upholstery, wall art and more. They are not necessarily easy to spot either. Always be vigilant when entering a room at hotel or motel. But homes and apartment buildings are a risk too, and it has been quite common for travelers to save by opting for privately offered hospitality services.

2. When You Arrive

Do not unpack before you have inspected every aspect of the room. This includes behind the headboard, under light shades, inside drawers, underneath chair cushions and so on. Pull back the sheets and examine the mattress. Look for peppered stains or spots or even skins that have been shed.

A clever trick is to maintain your luggage in plastic bags or similar when not in use. If this is not an option, then the best place to keep them is the bathroom. If you encounter an infested room in a hotel, it is usually simple to change rooms, but avoid rooms directly above or below.

3. Upon Returning Home

Examine your suitcases thoroughly outside of the home before bringing them inside. If everything seems to check out, vacuum every aspect of each piece of luggage before you store it. If you have a garment steamer, you can actually use that instead, and a steamer is actually effective at killing bugs and eggs.

Wash all of your clothes on a hot cycle and dry them. If you have clothes to bring to the dry cleaner, keep them in sealed bags until you drop them off. If you have any concerns at all that you may have brought beg bugs home with you, contact our professionals to assess your home and perhaps treat it.

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