How To Assess Your Hotel Room For Bed Bugs in Phoenix AZ

The travelling season is here, and this may mean staying in a hotel or visiting relatives. Did you know that travelers are the main carrier of bed bugs in Phoenix AZ? They stow away in a suitcase or purse and show up hundreds of miles from where they started. When you visit out of town, here is a method for determining if bed bugs are in your hotel room and what to do for your own protection. Take five or ten minutes for this. It may save you a great deal of money and distress.

What To Do First

When you first arrive, place your luggage and other bags into the bathtub. It’s time to inspect your room. Start with the beds. Pull back all the bedding and inspect the corners of the mattress. If you see bugs, they may be bed bugs. If you don’t see any, look for dark spots and stains around the corners of the mattress. These are blood stains from bed bugs who have fed on part travelers. Be sure to check all four corners of all the beds before anyone sits or lays down. Check the box springs, too.

What Comes Next

The next step is to examine the walls near the beds. Check the nightstands by opening each drawer and looking for inhabitants or stains. Examine dressers, tables, and closets. Look for bugs and stains in, around, or underneath surfaces. Check the edges of the carpet. If you don’t see anything, then your room is clean. You can safely unpack and stretch out.

What If You Find Bed Bugs?

If you do find any stains around the bed, then contact the manager. They will want to know that they have an infestation. Most hotel management will be happy to move you to another room or refund your money. Please take the time to do a fresh sweep of the new room as well.

Help Is Available

While bed bugs are not poisonous, many people are sensitive to their bites. They can develop large and painfully itchy marks on their skin from these bites. They spread quickly, so treat immediately if you ever suspect your rooms have bed bugs. Professional treatment is the most effective and thorough method there is.

Phoenix, Arizona is a large metropolitan area, and bed bugs thrive in cities. Develop an inspection routine, and with practice, it will become an easy habit.

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