Fire Ants in Phoenix: The Best Treatment Solution

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Fire Ants in Phoenix: The Best Treatment Solution

Arizona's Experts Since 1969

Fire ants are red or black and measure about 1/8″ long. There are six species of fire ants, three of them found in Phoenix. Two desert fire ant species and a southern fire ant species live in the Phoenix area. Ants build mounds outside, sometimes reaching 24″ wide and 7″ high. Thousands of ants fill these mounds at any time.

Fire ants sting anything or anyone they feel is intruding on the colony. They also sting if they feel threatened. Pets and humans both face the wrath of a fire ant sting which can be very painful. In rare cases, a fire ant sting may also be deadly. Many people experience reactions to the sting, which include signs such as sweating, vomiting, and itching.

Fire ants come inside homes searching for food. Even the tiniest crumb left on a counter or in the floor may attract a colony of fire ants into the home. An ant infestation concerns any homeowner because they not only sting, but also destroy food, leave excrement behind, and simply cause uneasiness for many.

Act quickly if you suspect a fire ants infestation. DIY pest control often fails to keep fire ants out of the house. Call professional ant pest control exterminators like our team instead. They bring the right pesticides and pest control products to the home, quickly putting an end to the ants infestation at your home.

Ants prefer hanging out in the kitchen where there is easy access to food and goodies, but other rooms in the home are not off limits. You may notice ant mounds in the yard or near cracks of sidewalks. Ants usually avoid shady areas, preferring dry climates instead. In a matter of weeks, you could have a big problem with fire ants without help from Phoenix pest control experts.

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